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Postcard pitch: The Night Mare

  1. Four months; has it really been that long? I just have so many things going on I just leave things be! Oh well, here's another "postcard pitch" for another fantasy epic that I started writing for Nanowrimo's online Novel In A Month challenge. I succeeded in reaching the word limit too!

    11-year-old Robyn has a life to be envied; caring parents who live in and run a stable, a horse of her own named Willow and plenty of friends at school. Yet that life ends abruptly when she is whisked away to a magical realm ruled by a cruel, intelligent horse-witch named The Night Mare. Forced to labour in this being's deceptively splendid palace alongside an army of child slaves, without any idea how to return to her own world, escape and liberty seem like a hopeless dream. Yet the unlikely aid of a mysteriously clever cat, her keen mind and her knowledge of horses will soon help the oppressed rise against the Night Mare's tyranny.


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