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Project Furdeverse Introduction

Project Furdeverse is my personal multiverse, made for my stories, such as Doppelgangfur. It has three main unique aspects.

Universe Travelling
Project Furdeverse consists of a central universe, with hundreds of alternate universes surrounding it both very similar and wildly different. The central universe is commonly known as Base-A4BB-Origin, and is an urban fantasy setting with mild sci-fi elements.

Universes are traversed using Jumper Glasses, which are essentially magical mirrors that can serve as gateways to alternate universes.

However, ever since an incident in January of 2004, Multiversal Passports from the Alternate World Scout Society are required to be able to own a Jumper Glass or legally use someone else’s Jumper Glass.

Failure to comply will result in all parties involved being returned to the universe they came from, any Jumper Glasses being seized by the government, and all involved being banned from the AWSS for several years to life depending on the severity of the offense.

The Four Sapient Species
There are 4 main sapient species in Base-A4BB-Origin. Humans, Doppish, Rakoat, and Furrai.

Humans are fairly self explanatory, and they are fairly widespread throughout the world. They mainly live in United Nueka, but the country has a fairly large percentage of other races.

Doppish, commonly nicknamed Dop Demons by others, are imp-like winged, magical creatures who value individuality and uniqueness. They mainly live in the Dappisopashian Empire. They have a fairly strong rivalry with the Rakoat, and a good relationship with the Furrai.

The Rakoat are a race of horned, hoofed, and maned people similar in appearance to a goat or a lion. They value unity, and while they can be very xenophobic and closed minded, they have a strong sense of strength and family within their own race. They dislike the Doppish and return the rivalry between them even stronger than they do. Their home country is Rakyupsha, a mountainous and cold area.

The Furrai are essentially anthropomorphic animals of various types, however, somewhat bafflingly they can all interbreed with minimal aid. However, it only recently became accepted for especially different species to form families together. Almost any animal species from an earthworm to a gorilla can be a Furrai. It isn’t exactly known how these various species simultaneously became functional as one race, but the most common theory is that the Doppish magically uplifted them to sapience with a technique that has likely since been lost to time. The Slybar Republic is a country controlled by Furrai, but they are fairly widespread, with other major populations in Dappisopash and United Nueka.

A final major part of this universe are ghosts. Ghosts are either created when someone dies with major unfinished business (Fragmented ghosts), someone is punished for their crimes in life by being unable to move on to the afterlife (Punished ghosts), or when a mage forces a dead spirit to return to the land of the living. (Summoned ghosts)

Fragmented ghosts are the most common, punished ghosts are the second most common, and summoned ghosts are the rarest due to summoning ghosts being illegal in several countries.

Ghosts tend to be missing most of the memories of their past life, and come into the world confused and unstable.

Unstable ghosts are violent, distorted beings that cause magical disturbances wherever they go. They are captured by ghost hunters and put in facilities where they are kept until they are stable and a way can be found to return them to the afterlife.

It can take them anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to stabilize, but they don’t fully regain their memories on their own. Fragmented and punished ghosts usually have to figure out what their life was before death before they can move on.

Once a ghost is stable, they have similar needs to the living, but are differentiated by having magic capabilities regardless of whether they did in life, being able to levitate a certain distance off the ground, usually not aging, and having an altered appearance from when they were alive. Ghosts can move on once they’ve either finished their unresolved tasks, proven they have changed for the better morally, or when the mage that summoned them dismisses them, depending on the method they were created by.

Most ghosts tend to be very cooperative with people trying to help them move on, once they’re stable. This is because they want to move on to the afterlife. When a ghost is on the mortal plane, while they can be very powerful, if they are injured badly enough they risk dying for a second time, which results in the permanent destruction of their soul. This means they are forever gone if they die as a ghost.

Ghost hunting is a major industry in this world, due to the potential destruction an unstable or enraged ghost can cause.


These are some of the major concepts in this multiverse, or at least the central universe. I will be posting more documents expanding on several aspects of the world in this portfolio soon! Helpful criticism is welcome, as well as just expressing your interest in the project.

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