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  1. The past breathed and preyed upon the dying. The faces of bygone, war stained and splattered long before such blood had even been shed. They were there; I could see them. I could hear them. Unholy eyes of the living dead bored alongside me on either side. On every side, every which way I turned, there they were with their silent screams of charge. And I ran, head long into the thick of that which would change my appearance to reflect that which was...

    About Author

    Eztlirald Clarinda
    An aspiring writer, the Cyrom series has been the progress of three years of exploring, experimenting, and world building that I have lived and breathed. It is an adventure and addiction of one I hope to never break from. Thank you to all the characters whom I love.


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  1. Lynea
    Ooh, it's very ominous, I like it.

    I would say, try not to use too many repetitions of the same word within a couple of sentences. I see three uses of 'past', two uses of 'blood', and a few variations of side, like 'alongside', 'either side', 'every side'. Honestly, I don't mind the sides because I feel your word flow and repetition is very artistic right there, but, be careful how many times you use a word within the same paragraph or passage. Too much repetition can weaken a passage and I can see you're a strong writer who got no time for that, lol. (I struggle with this tbh, so I'm preaching to the choir, but you know what I mean?)
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    1. Eztlirald Clarinda
      Thank you for that! After going back into the paragraph, I do see the stumbling block with the repetition of “blood”. And yes, I TOTALLY understand the preaching part. :LOL:
    2. Lynea
      Lol. I like prologues that are short and sweet. Nicely done (y)
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