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Sir Joe And The Tower Of Blackscales

  1. Sir Joe Shcmo of Barony Buttabetes was sent by King Robert XVIII to recover his daughter, Roberta II from Billie Blackscales. He went to a black tower where a young human woman in a yellow puffy dress was standing on top with a black spined dragon. Sir Joe grasped his arming sword and his buckler and boldly proclaimed:
    "Release thy princess!"
    To his great surprise, the dragon cried.
    "Are you okay dragon?" He asked.
    The woman began to speak but sir Joe rudely interrupted her.
    "Fear not, fair maiden! I shall save you!"
    The woman laughed.
    "I'm not the princess you fool! I'm Billie Blackscales!" she cackled while levitating down to him, Dane axe in hand.
    "Wait, what?" Sir Joe asked.
    "My hero!" Roberta II roared.
    "Dang, can I never get a human woman? Is it because my butt is 5 feet long?" He asked.
    "Wait...you just want to marry Roberta? You're not even saving her from out of the goodness of your heart?" Billie asked.
    "Well if you put it that way..." Sir Joe said, shrugging.
    Billie scoffed at him. "So she's just a conquest to you is she? You're a sexist little man, and I shall now slay you."
    "Ha! A woman, slay me? I'd like to see you- HURK!"
    Billie chopped off his head.


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