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StarWars: Tragedies of the Old Republic Part 2:

By D4RKM4K3R · Feb 27, 2013 ·
  1. Starwars
    Tragedies of the old republic Pt. 2
    5 years after the events of KOTOR2, the Jedi have somewhat made a comeback Thanks to the Jedi exile and the council was reformed, 8 years ago a young child strong with the force by the name of Kasslar Orren, he was taken in by the 2 Jedi and raised through as exiles, secretly they trained the boy through the ways of the force while there exile, now he’s 25 years old and in need of training, the council does not trust him and will not grant any master apart of the council to train him…… so now kasslar travels the galaxy in search of a new master in order to complete his training and it appears as if Kasslar has found him…..


    Hozune, one of the smaller settlements of Hutt’s on the northern continent of the Hutt’s home planet had not exactly been the location a young Jedi usually seeked out guidance or had business to do in the first place. But the force had guided Kasslar Orran here anyway. Lurge, a short Snivvian had promised him there was Jedi right here, though. "Trust me, I´ve seen him in the swamp, training with his lightsaber!" He assured once more as they left the safety of the settlement and made their way into the swamps. Indeed Orran felt something there. The force maybe.

    But before they reached the swamp itself, he hit something with his feed. There,, half buried lay something the galaxy had not seen in quite a while. At least not that he was aware of. A Sith Trooper of Revan´s old Sith Empire. The man had been beheaded. And how he lay there it looked as if he had been on his knees when it had happened.

    The wound was burned. Obviously from a lightsaber.

    Chapter 1: A Shocking discovery

    Kasslar was cautious "Do not make a Sound!" he whispered to Lurge,

    " I feel someone strong with the force in our presence, I thought you were leading me into a trap since the darkside is strong with this area, this sith trooper was a part of Darth Revan’s old sith Empire. This is Impossible to be a fresh body, Revan’s empire had been gone for years now, we must be cautious, we need to find this person who you speak of is a Jedi and we must find out when he killed this sith trooper... if it was this Jedi who even killed him yet i cannot think of any other Jedi to be on a planet such as this one, is this Jedi an exile?" Kasslar Asked!

    "calm down Jedi, id do not recall him saying if he was or not, he’s very quiet and has no emotion similar to you!, were near the swamp you will meet him soon enough, What’s the difference between you Jedi And those Sith anyways, like besides the fact sith are evil, don't you both seek power and full control of ur guy's force?" Lurge asked.

    "the sith only seek full power, all they want is power as for the Jedi we are guardians of peace, the sith will do anything for power and the Jedi protect the people of the galaxy, we are selfless and only care for what’s right of people, never us!" kasslar answered

    I Feel as if I shouldn't be here, this place.... its evil, I took an oath upon myself to never return to a planet like this, especially Nal Hutta, a planet fully controlled and civilized in every possible way by the hutts, I hate this place but i must control my emotions as i do not wish to turn to the darkside, I must trust this "lurge" and find this man who is said to be a great Jedi master, exiled from the council or not he’s my only chance of learning to fully control the force to my very limits as well as complete my training, no other Jedi would not train me because they say they see nothing but hate within me, maybe this man will be the one who will truly see me for whom i truly am, i have many flaws witch I need to fix so I can protect and help people, i do not seek power for my own gain, i seek power to use to help the good people of this galaxy, this galaxy does have some good in it and its worth fighting for!.

    Chapter 2: The Hooded Knight in Black

    Lurge nodded. He did not really care what Jedi or Sith were doing. He just felt he did not get paid well enough by anybody to get between them. But if they Jedi wanted him to be silent, so be it.

    As Kasslar made his way into the swamp he realized though that it was not one dead sith trooper. It were several. A dozen? Maybe even more.
    Then, suddenly . . . he felt a presence in the force. Standing above him in the moonlight was a man in dark robes. In his hand was a not activated silver hilt. The force was strong in him. Obviously he was strong enough to conceal his presence completely until now. But there was something in the force that made him appear almost . . . bitter.

    "Get out of the way!" shouted Kasslar, pushing the Snivvian out of the way as the hooded lightsaber wielding Man came down from the tree above.

    "what brings you here young Jedi?" the man asked, he was still concealed with his hood over his face.

    "I’m looking for someone" Kasslar answered

    "I guess that someone would be me since there is no other Person here in this swamp you could be looking for....... and that Snivvian...... ive seen him watching me meditate and train, he can not be trusted, he will follow us from a distance and if he runs i will have no choice but to kill him, as for you two are the only ones to know of my presence here..... and maybe 1 other" said the Hooded man

    "what do you mean by 1 other?" Kasslar asked

    "nothing.... walk with me and be cautious were both endanger" The Jedi replied

    the Hooded Jedi pulled Lurge up from the ground and whispered into his ear what he would do to him if he tried to run, Kasslar did not overhear what he said.

    "Ok so before any explanation for why I’m here, why is there a couple dead troopers of Revan’s old sith empire here and why did you kill them, did they betray you?" Kasslar asked.

    "for the type of Jedi who doesn’t look as if you talk much you sure do have a sense of humour, but my answer is no, while training and living out here in this swamp witch I thought was remote, these sith troopers stormed in and tried to kill me, i knew right away they were Revan’s but I, just like you was confused at first why these troopers still follow under the sith empire, for what the council knew as well as i knew, Revan has been Missing for years now and for all we knew even if he was Going to come back with another sith empire he would of done that years ago..... making us believe he was or still is dead, I know these are a part of his old army as for their armor is old and corroded, I then decided to scout the swamp from the trees above just in case more would come but at the moment you and this Snivvian are the only ones to know about this, follow me as for there is more to talk about" The Hooded Jedi explained.

    The end!

    this was a starwars fanfic story i started writing 2 years ago but i never completed it :D so its here for Curiosity sake.


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