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The Continent of the Undying and a brief history lesson.

By MorioKitsune · Apr 3, 2019 · ·
  1. Continent of the Undying.png

    A Brief History

    This is the Continent of the Undying in its present form but before six hundred and eighty five years from when the story starts it was one empire ruled by the Undying Emperor along with his one hundred and seventeen Undying Imperial Guard. These people owned crystalline weapons that had granted them essentially immortality… well they could still be killed if one had enough skill, talent and powerful magic at ones command.

    After ninety or so years of rule most of those years under a tyrannical oppression some rose up and formed rebel factions to oppose his rule. In the later stages of the rebellion some had successfully assassinated some of the Guard and claimed these weapons as their own. After the last battle and the aftermath had settled the Emperor was dead.

    The Guard still remaining along with the new owners of the these weapons brought together the mortal leaders of the rebel factions and named nine of them Judges, with those nine then electing another to join their number to be the leader of them. And so they drew up a treaty and divided the lands.

    There would be ten countries, with each country would from then on have only one type of these weapons. The Countries was then named after those weapons, Spear, Sword, Shield, Staff, Scythe, Bow, Mace, Dagger and Wand with the tenth being the homeland of the Judges.

    The Main points of the Treaty.

    - Only one weapon type to reside in one Country.

    - No Country from this point on wards can claim another weapon as their own. If they do then the other countries have the right to make war upon the Offending Country.

    - In the Case of War if one Country subjugates the other that period can last no longer then one year. Five members of the Judges not including the one with who's country is subjugated. Is then to oversee the Weapons and or still living members of the Undying for this time. These five will then make sure that the ruler or governing body of both Country’s stay and abide by the Contract of Surrender.

    - The title of Judge is not hereditary and each Country must choose a successor that isn’t a member of the Undying.

    - Once every one hundred years all members of the Undying along with ruling body or monarchs will travel to the Country of Judges to take part in the month long celebrations which will mark the end of the Undying Empire era along with the Signing of the Treaty.


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  1. kinslayeur
    I like this. Very simple to understand and to read. The concept of a single weapon per country is interesting and unique. I will be curious to how this plays out within the story. But, this short introduction actually helps bring me into the intrigue of the story.
    1. MorioKitsune
      Wait untill I actually do a brief of each country and how it is governed, for example Spear is a Monarchy and Noble House System, Sword an Empire with Clans and Shield is a full on Communist/Socialist system.