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The Continents of Aurah no. 5; Demeta

  1. Demeta, despite its relatively small size, is a highly diverse continent both in terms of geography and national identities. It is a bowl-shaped continent, curving southwards from Susland in the north-west and Skreeland in the north-east (both relatively cold and densely forested), down to Shintael on the south shore of the Gulf of Vlaksgard. Each branch of this continent changes southward from coniferous forest, to broadleaf forest or plains and mores, then to warm, semi-arid regions in the far south. In the centre of the Gulf of Vlaksgard lies the island nation of Gallion, once the centre of a worldwide trade empire and still an Aurah-leading economical and politcal power.
    Shintael is also a very important nation, for it is the home of Brahmism, the most common religious faith on Aurah, and the site of the Shintael Canal, through which thousands of ship pass each year, saved a 2000 mile round-trip over Demeta's north coast.
    Tourism is as important an industry as any in Aurah, for it is home to hundreds of important historical towns and buildings, numerous ski resorts among its mountain ranges and many highly popular beach resorts along its coasts.
    Demeta is home to 20 different nations and nearly 60 national identities. Which of these nations officially exist and which predominates in terms of power is part and parcel of the history of Demeta. It has been home to many inventive and influential anthros who have shaped the destiny of the whole of Aurah.
    Most Common Species; deer, boar, lynx, bear (including cave and polar), wolf, rodents, aurochs
    Chief Industries; Heavy industry, precision engineering, auto manufacture, fish, shipbuilding, raw materials, timber, fuels, grain, market gardening


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