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The Genesis War

The Overworld Lore.
  1. He God of Creation who first lived when nothing existed. He did not know he was meant to create and so did not. He thought he was the only thing that existed in his domain until he was confronted with an enigma. An entity that existed even though He did not create it. In his curiosity he touched this entity and the entity was given a consciousness. The entity became known as Darkness and after He brought Darkness to life it quickly became attached to He wanting he to give it all of He's attention. He intrigued by this new being spent much time with the being for a long time. Eventually, He began to tire of this and grow want to create more things with his new power and began to do just that. Darkness did not mind this at first until He began to become obsessed with creating more and more and darkness began to feel forgotten. This caused Darkness to become jealous and from this jealousy came Darkness’s want to destroy He’s creations. So Darkness began to devour He's creations and He hated this, yelling at Darkness to stop but Darkness wouldn’t. Just as He so too did Darkness become obsessed, it continued eating and eating, growing larger and larger with every creation it devoured. This went on until Darkness grew so large that it practically became all of Space! This caused He to begin to fear Darkness thinking that it would eventually attempt to devour him as well. To prevent this He created powerful lights within the Darkness called Stars which he spread throughout.

    Then He created creatures which he called Deities. He commanded the Deities to find and use the Stars to create their own life around them and sent them off. The Deities left to fulfill He’s Will but He also gave them free will and personalities which caused its own set of issues. First the quicker Deities got to the closest Stars first and the ones that did not quickly realized that Space was Vast and although they wanted to fulfill He’s will they also did not want to travel the distance that it would take to obtain an unoccupied Star so rather than make the trip they attempted to take occupied Stars from Deities that already inhabited its Space. These battles were known as the Great Solar War (Genesis War) and caused less powerful or intelligent Deities to farther more distant Stars and also caused most Deities not to create anything upon the Stars they did happen to maintain for fear that their creations would be lost and their Star taken. The Genesis War resulted in the deaths of many Deities, He watched many of these battles in sorrow but there was one that He watched that was especially hard for him.

    This was with three of the strongest Deities in their own right who were equally very close to one another. The first of these Deities was name Arkhanithies the Angel, he was powerful and wise but quick to anger. The second was YoShoKenDai the Dragon, who was honorable and strong and ambitious. Lastly there was Geovah’d the Man who was cunning and sly but weak. YoShoKenDai, he also had already created a world within his System against the current consensus, confident none could best him. Along with being well aware of the advantages of the close proximity of the Stars, he aimed to own all three and be the top Deity in all of Space. To that end he looked toward Geovah’d and his System first, positive he could best him in a fair fight. So he left his world behind to travel to the System of Geovah’d. Once he reached the System he found and challenged Geovah’d to battle. Geovah’d fearing YoShoKenDai instead fled his world and ran to Arkhanithies pleading to him that YoShoKenDai stormed into his system, and began destroying his planets in an attempt to take his Star from him. Arkhanithies inquired if there were any life on these Planets and Geovah’d claimed that there were and if he didn’t hurry YoShoKenDai would destroy everything he’d work so hard to create! Eventually Arkhanithies agreed to help Geovah’d but left a feather from his wing into his Star before departing. As he readied to leave Geovah’d fell to the ground claiming that he had bonded with his worlds and YoShoKenDai’s destruction of them had exhausted him and informed Arkhanities to go on ahead and he would catch up once he had recovered.

    Arkhanithies did this, travelled to the System of Geovah’d where he easily located YoShoKenDai. Arkhanithies challenged him inquiring why he would attack and destroy worlds with life upon them. YoshoKenDai was insulted of being accused of such a crime told Arkhanithies that he sent a peaceful challenge to Geovah’d when he just turned tail and ran! He claimed that he was only here to await his return and his answer. YoShoKenDai then claimed that he too had created his own life and would not stoop so low as to destroy the life of another’s world as some simple show of power, since he knew he was stronger than Geovah’d. He also knew of his trickery and knew that would not be the smartest decision plus, he was not a heartless monster. This absolved YoshoKenDai but enraged Arkhanithies who felt betrayed. In his rage he fell deaf to reason and aimed to destroy Geovah’ds Star. YoShoKenDai attempted to stop him but failed as Arkhanithes triggered one of Geovah’ds traps trapping them inside of the System. Eventually when Geovah’d creeped back to find both of them trapped he then told Arkhanithies that he had commandeered his star and had created several beautiful planets within it. This angered Geovah’d and he propositioned them to follow his orders if they wanted to be released. Geovah’d first commanded Arkhanithies to create a world. So he did, but he created it inside of the barrier and around the Systems Star. This upset Geovah’d who then threatened YoShoKenDai’s System. Arkhanithies then reminded him of the troubles of his own world, which reminded Geovah’d of the feather which prompted him to immediately head back to his System.

    Once there he found his planets dying one by one. He also discovered a small Moon that orbited his sun that he’d never created. Assuming it was made by Arkhanithies he hit it, swatting it away with a tremendous force. This caused a destructive chain reaction that rang through all three Systems. The force of this caused one of his planets to also be ripped from its placed This caused a Shockwave that rippled throughout the three Systems. The powerful ripple disrupted the barrier freeing Arkhanithies and YoShoKenDai from their prison. The blast also cut through Yoshokendai's System and threw his entire System out of balance. Yoshokendai who had tied himself to his System also became unstable and was thusly divided into two separate entities (Yodai & Shoken). Concerned and furious, they split off one to Geovah’ds System to kill Geovah'd and the other to the System to assess the damage. Shoken upon entering their System discovered their Star cut in half and the force of its gravity pulling the world apart! So Shoken jumped into action using it's power to hold the world together. Unable to do anything more without Yodai.

    Yodai who travelled to Geovah'ds System found Arkhanithies punishing Geovah’d already. Still this did not satisfy Yodai who decided to curse Geovah’ds people turning half of his population into creatures before leaving his world. Arkhanithies’ feather had severely handicapped Geovah’ds System of its power, it also connected Geovah’ds System and Arkhanithies System until the power fades. Due to Geovah’ds deceitfulness Arkhanithies refused to remove the feather himself stating that everything would return to how it should but only after the feather disperses on its own and left. Arkhanithies then travelled to YoShoKenDai’s system to attempt to assist him with the damage. Arkhanithies wanted to help, but neither YoDai nor ShoKen wanted any help from him, only allowing the ‘Planet’ that was already there, to stay. YoDai & ShoKen took a look around and concluded that the only way to fix it would be to fuse their bodies with the Systems Star to keep it from destroying the System completely. So that is what they did. Arkhanithies realized that there Systems would forever be entangled and vowed to no longer interfere with its development and so he too left his world alone to make its own fate. With that He saw that every Deity, that still existed, had done their duty and he called them back. He scolded them for their actions and for their punishment, he forced them to watch their worlds to see how their actions affected them. He forced them to do this until the end of time, until darkness swallowed them all.

    About Author

    YoShoKenDai The Dragon
    Devin Cooper, born with the inability to draw so writing is his outlet.

    ..I'm not sure how I want to put this info soo....it will be in progress

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  1. blondie.k
    "Amazing Start!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 12, 2019
    It was an amazing intro! You are a talented writer...you've really got something there.


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