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The Glass Dragon - ending

By skip.knox · Sep 12, 2020 · ·
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  1. “It’s done, my darling. When men come to tell me the news of Ceelken’s death, I shall be shocked and horrified. I’ll send a letter to the Chapterhouse expressing my dismay. We must mourn our loss, I’ll tell them, those dour mages in their dreary cells. We must comfort one another. And we must go forward, in cooperation, as comrades in common cause. My words will be kind, supportive, but also suggestive. I know the words to use. The letter has been sitting in my desk for two weeks now.”

    The dragon stretched, curling itself around the perimeter of the room, tired from its exertions. Lamplight set crystalline colors dancing across its sleeping form. Maddig smiled. Everything was moving nicely, according to plan. She had a hundred plans, one for every eventuality. Not all of them ended in blood.

    But some had.

    More would.

    --- end of chapter one ----
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  1. Vicki27
    Wow. I read the first version when you first posted. It's amazing what a little bit of tweaking can do. I'm left hankering for more... there is more isn't there? I can see and feel the difference between a writer of some experience and my efforts.
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    1. skip.knox
      There's more. One full novel, probably long, and possibly a second. After all, the story's not really over till the orcs lose, right? <g>

      The great thing about experience is that you can always get more.The downside about it is that experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
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