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The Haircut

  1. -I'd like a men's haircut please. He said
    -Excuse me, there's no such thing as a men's haircut. I said.
    -Fine. I'd like a regular haircut. He said.
    -The regular? I said.
    -yes. He said
    -That's a good haircut. I said
    I shaved his head
    -I did not want that. He said
    -point to the part you don't want. I said
    He pointed at my razor
    I shocked him with my tazer
    -Don't talk back, prisoner. I said.
    The gaurd keys jingled as all their pants fell down.

Recent Reviews

  1. ShadeZ
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 3, 2020
    Pros - Short and funny
    Cons - None that I saw
    Funny and very in keeping with Pie's style of writing. Not a single dull moment.
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    1. Dark Lord Thomas Pie
      Thank you for the feedback, ShadeZ! Ish.


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  1. Dark Lord Thomas Pie
    Reviews are appreciated. yes, that extends to negative ones.
  2. Dark Lord Thomas Pie
    I wrote this today!