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The Maritime Geography of Aurah

  1. As with Earth, most of the surface of Aurah is covered by sea; roughly 63% of it. The largest of the oceans is the Northern Ocean, stretching across the permanently ice-clad North Pole, past sub-polar islands such as the Nordland archipelago, down to the mainly ice-free boreal coasts of the continents of Demeta and North Viola.
    The next greatest body of water is the Inannan Ocean, occupying the larger part of Aurah's western hemisphere and separating the continent of Inanna from the Violas to the west and the great southern continent of Borea to the south.
    The smallest but arguably the most important of the ocean is the Excelsian Ocean. Hemmed in by Inanna to the west, Demeta to the north and North Viola to the east, it is a vital maritime crossroad between the continents. It leads south from the northern tropics over the equator to the continent of Brama.
    Sail east from Brama and you come to the Edoshuan Ocean, which separates Borea from South Viola. South of Brama is the last of the oceans, the Braman Ocean, which rounds the north-central coast of Borea at the Gulf of Shiran and flows into the Inannan Ocean in the west, at Domingo's Passage.


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