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The Origin of the Supers and the Super-Standoff

  1. In the same year that the Second Great Aurahn War started, the star Theta Proxima went through a burst of activity. Its effect on Aurah was to give certain anthroes fantastic abilities, which the warring factions were quick to exploit.
    North Vlaksgard led the way in "weaponising" its supers and finding out their secrets. Their brutal system of imprisoning and even killing supposed undesirables gave them many test subjects, unwilling as they were to acquiesce. From these subjects they gained ample biological resources with which to further their work.
    Their enemies in Gallion, the SNV and Umtanga all had their own projects, but at first these fell behind. This changed with a naval raid on a secret Vlaksgardian lab near Aurah's north pole, using a revolutionary new laser weapon. Soon, the Violans and Umtangans (in that order) were producing super-soldiers who trounced the Vlaksgardian supers.
    Yet there was a price for this victory. A particularly powerful Violan super levelled three major Vlaksgard cities with atomic fireballs and many citizens were terrified at what damage these supers could unleash. International treaty soon guaranteed that the most powerful supers were to be detained and only released during times of extreme provocation.
    After the Great War came a period of intense distrust and paranoia in both Viola and Umtanga. Citizens feared the supers being released because they may destroy the world. The children and grandchildren of those caught in Theta Proxima's radiation blast also started developing powers and became a kind of second law in Aurah. The authorities tolerated them, but attitudes remained mixed.
    Some 30 years after the Great War, Umtanga's government collapsed due to both internal and foreign pressure. Its vassals in western Demeta and several of its provinces gained independence, while the SNV made peace with them. The Great Super Standoff is no more, but the threat of a super-war remains a persistent worry.


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