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Time-traveler to the year 910 AD

My OTHER story, about which the debate exploded here in October 2019 regarding Saxon swords and armour, is being published now on Youtube instead, all 100 episodes of it accompanied by my own original music. Here is a summary of the first 35 episodes:
Wodensfield (copyrighted) is a series of speed-reading practice videos about a time-traveler going to 910 AD, Saxon UK, to completely change history. He was moved to that extreme step by the Civil War in South Africa 2029 which was part of world-wide war, famine and despair and which caused the murder of his wife and sons right before his eyes.
If you discover that there is a frenzy about ghosts or electromagnetic beings appearing at a certain spot on the Tor at Glastonbury, and the spot coincides with a photo (my own, I visited the actual history of my story) in my video, please note this is pure coincidence. I only discovered it AFTER I published Episode 2. I chose that photo as the spot where Godspeller Ion emerges from the ether on 4 April 910 AD, projectile-vomiting and shivering after traveling through the time-portal, purely because it was my only photo of Glastonbury Tor that looked medieval.
THAT story will not be published here because it currently is in twitter-English to fit into speed-reading slides for Youtube.
Got daeg, beon aedit! ;)
"Godspeller Ion":ninja:

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