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Totem of Man (Chapter 1)

By Cloud · May 2, 2012 · ·
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    Loquaciousness does not come easily to me. I have seen much, and spoken of it little, but there are those who persist in pestering me to do so. It seems that nothing short of a full and frank account of my understanding and involvement in the adventures of Ellie Baxter will suffice. I have at last relented and undertaken to write my story for those who care to read it. I will tell it in my own words, and in my own way. If that does not satisfy then I shall care not a whit for I shall consider my obligations fulfilled. Let no spirit ask for more; I say now that I shall not tell it.

    - Norman Pinker, Totem of Badger


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  1. Cloud
    Original showcase thread (chapters 1 & 2 combined).