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Universal Categorization

More information on universes in this multiverse.
  1. The AWSS (Alternate World Scout Society) is a universal organization that sorts, and rates alternate universes based on various qualities they have. It is based in Base-A4BB-Origin, which was the first universe to establish contact with more than one universe simultaneously.

    The AWSS is also in charge of approving and managing Multiversal Passports, and organizing explorations and contact to other universes. They also have a research branch that studies both magic and science in relation to the multiverse.

    There are two main categories of alternate universe: Shift and Shuffle.

    Shift universes, the most common type of universe, diverge from each other at specific points in time, similarly to the many-worlds interpretation. Every decision ever created results in the creation of a shift universe, but usually only major shift universes are categorized, such as major political events and major inventions. Minor shift universes, caused by anything from a child choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or an author choosing the title of the next novel in an award winning series, are basically always dismissed as insignificant, and at best end up as a footnote on another similar universe’s profile.

    The one exception to this is if the universe causes a bleeding, which is known in our universe as a Mandela Effect. Bleedings are caused by two incredibly similar universes temporarily and partially bleeding into each other, causing people to gain a few memories belonging to their alternate selves. While the Berenstain Bears book series doesn’t exist in Project Furdeverse, if it did exist there the Berenstein-Berenstain confusion could easily be explained by bleedings.

    Contrary to popular conspiracy theories, bleedings do not transfer people between universes, and they do not cause people to become their alternate selves. They simply cause memories that are true in one universe to be transferred to another universe where they are false. Bleedings usually happen with insignificant memories.

    Shuffle universes are slightly rarer, and include universes that change things in a way that can’t be traced back to any decisions. These universes can get completely outlandish. Things as ridiculous as a universe where talking feral horses are the dominant species are not unheard of when it comes to shuffle universes. However, they can sometimes be fairly logical things, such as a universe where everyone has the opposite gender.

    Universes are named based on a combination of their category, a codename based on the most obvious change from Base-A4BB-Origin, and a code based on several qualities it has.

    The first character of the code indicates the technology level of sapient races in the universe. X represents that there is no sapient species, G means the most advanced civilization is Stone Age, F represents the Bronze Age, E is Iron Age, D is the Classical Age, C is the Middle Ages, B is early modern times, A is contemporary history, and S means the universe is more advanced than Base-A4BB-Origin. S is actually purely theoretical, because no futuristic universes have been found. They are commonly theorized to exist, but they likely are impossible to reach for whatever reason.

    The second character indicates how many unique extant sentient species exist. For these purposes, due to their ability to interbreed easily with each other, all Furrai versions of animals are counted as one species. Conditions that can apply to all species, such as being a ghost, are not counted.

    The third character represents how hostile the universe’s dominant civilization or species acts towards outsiders on a traditional grading scale from F to A. F being highly aggressive, D being mildly aggressive, C being neutral, B being friendly, and A being pacifistic.

    The fourth character represents how hostile the environment is on a traditional grading scale. F means the world is impossible or near impossible to live on, D means the world is dangerous but can support life, C is fairly safe, B means safe, and A means the world is almost entirely peaceful. As a guideline, Base-A4BB-Origin, which is similar to our society, is rated B.

    The AWSS rarely allows contact with universes coded below A2CC.

    Some example universes include:

    • Shift-A4DD-Citadel is a universe where a war lead to humans living in walled cities while other races are forced to live outside in small villages.
    • Shift-A1CB-Claw is a universe where all sentient species went extinct except the Furrai.
    • Shuffle-A4BB-Invert is a universe where everyone has the opposite personality to their equivalent in Base-A4BB-Origin.
    • Shuffle-C4DD-Feudal is a universe which never advanced past medieval times.


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  1. Orc Knight
    So going by your universal grade set up my universe of Eld would be possibly as follows:


    Cool little coding for universal hopping and probably useful for Stargates.