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Wob's Fireball

By S.T. Ockenner · Jan 4, 2021 · ·
  1. Wob snarled at Alavax and spun his index fingers in semicircles, pencil-thin lines of flame tracing the air. Unpronounceable hisses came from his hairy lips, fangs dripping with amber blood. As Alavax slowly realized what was happening, a small glob of orange, shining energy appeared in between the space of Wob’s two fingers as he brought them to a position of facing each other. The lines of flame filled the growing orb, heat tingling on Wob’s skin as his fingers drew closer together. The orb flew out of Wob’s black, burnt fingers and leaped at Alavax’s chest, leaving a short trail of flame. The fire hit Alavax in his steel plated mail, melting it into golden wax. The fire spread across Alavax’s body as a scream escaped his dying lips. He collapsed to the ground, dead.


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  1. sehsphare
    they always said, do not play with fire.
      S.T. Ockenner likes this.
    1. S.T. Ockenner
      Otherwise, your armor will be melted by a wizard as you get burnt to death.