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XOR Dreams: A Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Part The Third

By LWFlouisa · Dec 1, 2017 ·
  1. When Orwell wrote 1984, he wasn't expecting there to be simulation coastal
    vistas, using meatspace avatars while glancing the view while on the wire.
    And unlike like groups specialized towards sex education, in practice actual
    sex education was surprisingly presient for the writer. And yet the thing
    that hit the eighties and nineties was virtual reality, and then the world
    wide web. But now we're already have the idea of quantum networks being
    discussed, extending concepts of mass surveillance beyond what was concieved
    of in the nineteen fourties. And the old public key systems were slowly
    going the way of the dinosaur.
    The classic game consoles have become the latest dinosaurs, with each latest
    generation having their maximum development expectancy set around five years
    at the most, aside from the few homebrew developers. I had given up game
    development a long time ago, prefering the flow of text on the page. And yet
    sometimes I miss the old days of loading the makers, and churning out demos
    of games in my development bucket list. But now, my own bucket list is to
    And my thoughts display on quantum holographic networks displaying the words
    "to be or not to me, that is the question." My drifting in the world of
    darkness, as if I was already dead.


    I thought I heard a voice in the darkness, in what seemed like a digitized
    version of an ancient language far older than the age of Egypt and Sumeria.
    We had been walking through the tunnels for some time, when we find a
    previously undiscovered room. The others thought of it as a get rich quick
    scheme, finding spare parts to sell on the black market. Yet for me, I was
    preoccupied by the statue that stood before us by the flatscreen computer
    monitors. It had a vague semblance of Roman and Egyptian statues, except
    that the garb looked to me from a previously unknown star farring
    civilization, indicated by the appearance what seemed to be some ancient
    space helmet. The computer rooms were built ontop of ancient Native
    American temple, from a culture that was as old, if not older, than the
    -- Get a load of this lady.
    -- Ain’t she a beauty?
    -- I wonder how much this stature would be worth? And look, not a single
    crack on it.
    While the others were thinking of how much they could sell it for, there
    was something about that gave off a sinister presence. I split from the
    others into a seperate room. And just in time, as when one of them tried
    to steal the monitors, a false door opened up a portal that unleashed
    men with space helmets, and back attacking them with laser beams. My
    friends told me to break for it, so I took my futon and left the scene
    trusting their judgement, and my instincts to survive. And then suddenly
    the room became silent. One of the men came out alive, but said that
    they were all surrounded by armed guards from a different galaxy, and
    that they let him live long enough to reveal to me a message.
    -- Don't go to far down here, there are things which we were not
    meant to see.
    You might think that he almost died, but as best as I could, I nursed
    him back to health. However his right arm continued to bruised for the
    next few days after. I called Ravina.
    -- Can you do me and a friend a favor?
    -- What do you need?
    -- Medical attention.


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