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Zola Saves Kluke(part 1:Stranger in the River)

By ShadeZ · May 13, 2018 ·
  1. Warning; Contains a high amount of blood, and violence.
    Please leave commets so I know what you thought.​

    Zola sat as silent as the dead. The wind whispered softly through the emerald leaves of the Mythic Forest's huge oak trees as she sat meditating on what had happened and what she had seen, all of her people massacred in a single bloody night. Her brother Zack's voice echoes in her head the sounds of battle behind it,"ZOLA! GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!" An Egalian had grabbed Zola and held a knife to her throat, and coward that she was she was too afraid to move. Zack had offered himself if they left her alone. The Egalian were of course more than welcoming of the exchange and freed Zola only to have the Dark Hunter, the champion of Ranavia, who was Zack, attacking them in self-defense whoever legend or not it was fairly known that no on could survive their neck being broken. A number of rogue Kronian assassins had shown up and poisoned and assaulted Zack claiming it was Justice for the "Games" of Ranavia(The Ranavian people had a dim view of Kronians, so much so they would poison them and throw them in gladiator pits while Ranavian hunters(ranger like warriors) stalked and attacked the 'monsters' Zola was heavily against this practice as was her brother Zack's, however Zack as the Dark Hunter was the leader of these bloody sports and by order of the Ranavian elders wasn't permitted to stop the games). Zack had always been Zola's big brother, he was her protector, and a strong shadow that followed reinforcing her leadership skills with his strength and combat knowledge. Without Zack she was a knight without her shield and armor.

    As Zola shook in fear from the memories, she spotted something white and large floating on the river's surface followed by a small amount of crimson which seemed to stain the water. Zola walked over to it warily with her blade drawn it's white metal blade glowing a soft, pure light. Zola found the sheet white color was armor which was on a man who was floating face first in the river. Noticing he seemed dead she pulled the corpse from the water with a great deal of strain as this man was at least 145 pounds and 6"2 as opposed to her tiny fragile frame of only 5" and weight of 95 pounds. Zola panted as she dropped the body on the shore,"Starry nights! Your heavy!" She jumped when she saw the 'body' move and groan and noticed two things that terrified her. For one this Skylorian was DEFINITELY not dead, however judging by his cream blonde hair and the design of his armor and the black hood and cloak he wore he must be a Kronian assassin. Zola opened his eye lids to find he was definitely out of it and he had blue eyes which verified that he was a Kronian as they had as long as any could recall been blue eyed blonde haired folk. Zola quickly found out the blood was coming from four or five arrows that were mangled and stuck in his back, it was a miracle the arrows had missed his spinal cord.

    Zola jumped up,"Oh my. D-don't worry I'll get you a healer." He opened his eyes weakly,"Y-You would do that? T-Thank you...." Then he fainted again. Zola quickly lifted him and using her Ranavia speed raced to Golden Vale and burst into the home of Aya Baywater,"AYA! I need your help?!" A youthful red headed Egalian girl who was 15 years of age came down the stairs,"Z-ZOLA???!! Who's he?" Zola dropped the Kronian on a cot,"I have no idea. I found him like this in the river. He will die without you, my abilities for healing are not this advanced. He has five arrows lodged in his back, much to my shock they didn't go through his chest, organs, or spine. I assume his armor is strong." Aya walked over feeling the boy's forehead,"My... He looks our age. However, these scars indicate he is a few years older than you I would guess 17-19 years of age...."

    Aya's sapphire eyes locked on his blonde nearly white creamy hair and the white armor as if made from a dragon's scales that he wore, Aya's face displaying sudden terror and shock. Aya quickly lifted the flexible armor off his right arm exposing a strange tattoo in his skin in bright colors that looked like a gray shield bearing a white dragon holding some kind of a red flower, maybe a lily. Aya backed up fearfully, in her shock she backed into a small table and bruised her left leg,"NONONONONONONONONONO............. NOT HIM! I swear Zola I'll heal anyone you like even another Kronian BUT NOT HIM." She was curled up and whimpering her gorgeous blue eyes welling with crystal-like tears. Zola hugged her,"Aya. I don't understand. Who is he that you should fear him so much?" Aya whimpered,"He is the Shiro Shiko, Zola...." Zola looked confused,"What do you mean, Aya?" Aya looked at her shocked,"You don't know who that is? Shiro Shiko means the White Prince, but Egalians call him the White Assassin, he is the Warrior Prince of the Kronians. He is the Prince and protector of Krona... Egalia attacked Krona. You may or may not know this but my people are hunting his. This.... man, has a raging and furious hatred for my people because we prey on his, Zola! He has killed over two thousand Egalian knights armed to the teeth to get the very armor he now wears and to obtain the title he now bares!"

    Zola walked over to the Kronian and looked at him, yet no matter how hard she looked she couldn't see this monster Aya described. Aya spoke of a merciless thing from myths and legends, she spoke of a dragon but Zola only saw a hurt young man who had tried to cloak his pain by becoming something terrifying. Zola had seen monsters before, and he was not one. Zola spoke softly,"Aya... Aya... Listen to me. I know he scares you. I know you fear he may even try to kill you. I need you to heal him for me though, I promise, I won't let him harm you. I will move him to the forest before he awakens." Aya got up hesitantly,"Fine. If he wakes up and isn't healed I'm knocking him out though. Also... Be careful Zola. Kronian assassins do not leave loose ends, they clean up in a way no one ever knows what happened except them, their world is as much about blood and murder as ours is about love and life." Without another word Aya began working on the Kronian assassin.


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