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Zola Saves Kluke(part 2:The Leopard and The Lamb)

By ShadeZ · May 13, 2018 ·
  1. Warning; Contains a high amount of blood, and violence.​

    Several days later while Zola was getting the supplies needed to heal her newfound friend he awoke while with Aya. The assassin sat up and looked around in a haze,"You there! Where am I?" Aya jumped a slight sound of,"peep!" Coming from her as she noticed he was awake. She looked to the night stand when she had a loaded tranquilizer that she had filled with what she assumed would work on a Kronian. There was also a thick metal staff she used for self defense. The Kronian got up he seemed unhindered by his current state,"Excuse me, Mi'lady! I asked a question." He noticed his armor was missing and so we're his weapons, he assumed the healer didn't trust him. Aya yelped backing into a wall,"D-don't get any closer! I-I-I'll s-s-scream!" This confirmed the Kronian's suspicions that she knew who he was and distrusted him, then again he had recently killed the prince of her people for fun so maybe he seemed a monster to her. Kluke lifted his hands carefully,"Easy there. My name is Kluke... I traditionally don't tell people my name. After all, an assassin should not have a name, they are merely a physical form of death to their prey after all. When you are only around to kill a man their name and yours are not relevant."

    Kluke's eyes bore an odd sadness that hurt Aya to watch. Aya spoke sheepishly if she didn't know Kluke was the assassin prince she would think he was very kind and gentle," I-I'm Aya B-Baywater. D-Do you promise not to kill me?" Kluke's eyes winced as he laughed softly,"Yes of course I won't harm you. I am not hunting anyone now so you are not in danger. Apart from the fact that I did not die, you have no information that I haven't allowed you to have and you saved my life, you and that Ravenborn so me being your friend is a very small repayment compared to how far you have gone to help me. I will never forget your aid, Mi'lady." Aya's heart jumped she couldn't tell if it was cause she was terrified or if it was because she was getting butterflies from his remark. Kluke noticed her response to his words,"Are you alright? Your heart seems to have skipped a couple beats?" Aya blushed and turned away shyly preparing a needle and thread,"I-I'm fine." Kluke wondered if Aya's symptoms were due to his words inspiring a romantic feeling in Aya. He had not been flirting with her. Although, according to his childhood friend Keen, he often said heartfelt and sweet things accidentally that girls mistook as a flirtatious comment much to Keen's humor as Kluke was as uninterested and unamused by the emotional nature of girls crushing on him as any man could be.

    To make matters worse Kluke distrusted Skylorians so much that their touch was repulsive. So, the idea of a girl kissing or hugging him brought to mind some very comical images as he usually met physical contact with, catching whomever the offender was by the wrist, shoving them away, or backing up and very icily telling them to keep their hands to themselves or ordering them against touching him, sometimes under threat of violence. Obviously, he wasn't repulsed by those healing him, friends, or when he was touching someone else, an assassin unable to touch someone probably would not last very long if they were required to use hand to hand combat.

    Aya came toward Kluke, needle in hand. Kluke looked a bit surprised,"Why are you stitching it shut? That is a rather old method, you should cauterize it." Aya looked genuinely confused,"What do you mean?" Kluke grinned,"Right. I forget your people's medical knowledge is not as advanced. To cauterize a wound means to heat a blade to burn the skin shut and stop the bleeding. Kronians cauterize their wounds all the time, usually because they are being chased by guards and are in a hurry." Kluke calmly showed her by heating a dagger from his armor in the hearth fire till it was red hot, he found a rag and spun it tight and but down on it trying to speak over it as he sat down,"Go ahead." Aya warily grabbed the not hot handle of the blade and walked over,"You sure you don't want some pain killer or tranquilizer? This is really gonna hurt." Kluke spoke again speaking over the cloth his voice was shockingly calm,"Don't worry, I am a Kronian, pain is second nature to me." Aya cringed as she pressed the blade to Kluke's half stitched wound and it sizzled and popped in a very unnatural sounding way. Much to her surprise Kluke made no sound of pain and just winced slightly as she seared the holes shut. When she was done he removed the rag,"You have my thanks Aya Baywater." Aya's heart jumped she never knew Kronians could be so normal. Everyone believed Kronian assassins to be supernatural killers with a taste for blood yet this one who was prince over them seemed like a young Skylorian who only had a hard past.

    Aya wrapped Kluke in gaze then eased him down so he could rest and recover. As she prepared a tonic for a wounded Egalian a pound sounded on her door,"Aya open up!" She found a number of guards who she had healed a few times outside,"Hiyas(Aya's way of saying hello). Making a full recovery I see." The five soldiers were only a little older than her. The leader spoke,"I'm sorry Miss Aya but you're being accused of treason. I am here to check for signs of a reported sighting of the last Ravenborn and the White Assassin of Krona. Obviously made up because those two are from rival clans and would kill each other with no hesitation but still I have been ordered to check." Aya in an attempt to hide her guilt spoke calmly,"Go on in. I won't stop you." They quickly stormed all three of Aya's healing rooms in her house. Aya raced to the room she'd been healing Kluke, only to find him missing and his cot as orderly as the other two in the room which were unused. The four soldiers reported back,"Captain, there are no signs of the reported hostiles." The captain spoke,"As expected, come men let's not trouble this lass any longer."

    They headed toward the door and something hit Aya in the back of the neck, very softly. She caught it with ease given her Skylorian reflexes and found it was a small piece of wood. She searched the rafters and quickly noticed a fully armored Kluke was up there. She cringed mentally this was a recipe for a bloodbath and being a healer, others in pain was one of her worst nightmares. She suddenly recalled when she was working on Kluke something she had noticed though she had ignored it at the time, Kluke was a predatorial Skylorians meaning from years of acting and being more violent, secretive, and feral than he was peaceful, outgoing, and civilized he developed features and senses tuned toward hunting and being a predator. One of the easiest ways to tell how predatory a Skylorian was were their canine teeth, on a predatory Skylorian these canines became sharp fangs which she had seen on Kluke when he smiled at her when he was awake, she remembered thinking it was fascinating because in her homeland of Egalia predator Skylorians were unheard of as they only occurred in other clans as Egalians had been civilized for a very long time.

    Aya whispered very softly hoping Kluke really did have heightened hearing,"Kluke, Listen if you can hear me then wave." Kluke smirked slightly and waved a bit dramatically his pearl teeth glinting impishly. Aya spoke,"I will not be able to hear you if you speak so not yes or no to my questions. Did you hear them? Is that how you got this place so normal looking?" Kluke nodded yes and Aya continued,"Are you gonna kill the soldiers?" Kluke shrugged as if it did not matter either way, which irritated Aya. Did this Kronian think so little of the lives of other Skylorians that he thought it was so easy to take a life or spare one? Aya wondered at what could make a man cold enough to kill another often, but now she wondered what torture Kluke must have been through to where he would easily murder five men and not bat an eyelash. Kluke seeing her distraught expression waved at her to get her attention then calmly leaned back as if napping in an upright position which Aya assumed meant he would not attack since it caused her such worries.

    Aya exhaled in relief and walked the soldiers to the door, but as she opened the door, Zola came in carrying medical supplies,"Aya, I got the supplies you needed...." Zola's eyes locked on the soldiers, the captain's eyes locked on Zola. He might have been fooled in to thinking she wasn't Ranavian if not for the very distinctly almond shaped eyes and sleek cheetah like build and shape. Zola sighed she hated combat and she even more so hated combat that would involve her taking the life or lives of others. Zola drew her sword Craynal and faced her foes calmly meditating on her training as all slowed around her for a few moments.


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