Recent Portfolio Entries

  1. Part 3 - Getting back to writing after extended pause.

    As work too over my life for a few months and then the home improvement projects took over for few more months, my writing had to wait. In order to not begin planning and then being unable to write I had rules for myself, to keep my thoughts away from the story as much as possible and if I felt the need to think about it, I would allow myself only one character and one scene. And I have forced myself to do that and it has worked. Doing this, helped me to get to know that characters voice...
  2. Cub : Tragedy

    part 1 of a werwolf story
  3. The Not Orc Issue

    More about orcs, go figure eh?
  4. Part 2 - Discovery writing.

    Before work and life stuff took over my time, I managed to write some more... and then I had to put writing on hold as life demanded I be there.