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  1. Dutch
    Writing my first novel surrounded by three children at home and 3000 teenagers at work. I like things that are difficult ;-)
  2. Peebothuhlu
    Peebothuhlu Legendary Sidekick
    Hey there! So, the idea I have for Suny is that she keeps pouring on the water/ice magic... Waits and waits untill the bad guys come charging out of the other tunnel that no one's fighting in (I think) and then Ka-SHING! Ice spears/daggers/impalment!

    Is cool/clever huh?

    much cheers to you and yours.
  3. Rhizanthella
  4. Rose Torres
    Rose Torres
    A good glass of wine, a smoke, and let the words overflow as the honey oozes from the hive
  5. Tom
    Trying to finish what I started
  6. Caged Maiden
    Caged Maiden
    beating a dead horse...and trying to get back on it at the same time '_'
  7. DragonOfTheAerie
    so low on self esteem, so you run on mac and cheese
  8. Black Dragon
    Black Dragon
    Enjoying the summer! :)
  9. ALB2012
    Author, plotter, poet and lazy person
  10. Peebothuhlu
    Peebothuhlu Legendary Sidekick
    *Poke, poke* Is this thing on? :)
    1. Legendary Sidekick
      Legendary Sidekick
      On like Donkey Kong.

      I'm like-spamming your posts, in case that's the only thing stopping you from posting images.
      May 22, 2018
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  11. Ewolf20
    where can i post short stories on here?
  12. Svrtnsse
    Writer problems #X+11: When your MCs soundtrack is a mixture of cheesy 80's rock and late 90's futurepop.
  13. Tom
    Finals week is here...
  14. Svrtnsse
    Writer problems #X+10: When your MC is an absolute jerk and you have to keep yourself from making excuses for him.
  15. srebak
    srebak Dark Squiggle
    Am I to assume that you are interested in helping me with my collaboration?
  16. James The Dragon Dude
    James The Dragon Dude
    Everything is updating :/
  17. Jerry
    "We are all born mad. Some of use remain so."
  18. DragonOfTheAerie
    is painting, sometimes well, sometimes not
  19. Tom
    Mornings are for coffee and contemplation
  20. YoShoKenDai The Dragon
    YoShoKenDai The Dragon
    I have been uploading pretty consistently...alas ive gotten no maybe I'm doing this wrong?