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  1. Chapter 1 Part 3

    “And, Ku’Aya.” Semiramis turned to face her. “It sounds like it wasn’t really a big deal to you. Were you just trying to get your older brother in trouble?” “It’s Ku,” she murmured. “And he’s not my brother.” Semiramis raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” There was that tone again. She could be very scary when she wanted to be. “You were the one who asked about my day,” she mumbled only slightly louder. “Honestly, Ku’Aya.” “Ku,” she muttered again. “You need to learn to get along with...
  2. Chapter 1 Part 2

    I would have lost myself to my memories again if Ku hadn’t brought me back. “You coming?” she asked. Spinning around, I found she had that amused grin on her face once more. I took my garb off and grinned back at her. She turned toward the forest, blushing. Jogging forward, I threw my garb at her and leapt into the air. I formed the mental picture, tapped into its essence, and felt the warmth of change overtake me. My legs turned in, and my joints shifted. My head shrank and elongated....
  3. Chapter 1 Part 1

    I stood before the great Stavis tree. My instincts told me it was the father of the forest. Ku’Aya was grinning at me again, but I didn’t look over at her. She had always been a strange one. As an Aelacrin, Ku was just about average. Her green skin was still a little pale for her age, and the tufts on her small pointed ears were still coming in. She’d always been over-sensitive about her ears and wished they could be more slanted toward the back of her head, like mine. Hers pointed straight...
  4. 19

    (I wrote this on my 19th birthday several years ago. Recently I just turned another year older, and I am glad to still be here.)
  5. Circadian

    the sun rises— birds sing from the trees my lullaby
  6. Candexese: Men of Clan Halese III

    Men of Clan Halese -Torian- -East Rivenian Woodland- My thoughts also strayed here and there to another aspect of my brother's harsh rebuke, the mentioning of Halane. It felt like an entire lifetime ago that I had even thought of Halane. All of my memories of him were so doused in childish uncertainty, I do remember having a great respect for him, this towering figure of a man always seeming to know exactly what to do and say. He was everything I had aspired to be, a man of confidence...
  7. Candexese: Men of Clan Halese II

    Men of Clan Halese -Torian- -East Rivenian Woodland- Soon enough though me and Tinus were walking through the shoddy and innocuous gateway that denoted the entrance to our camp. It was a silly thing, something me and Redricos had erected to seem like perhaps a suspicious natural falling of branches to some, but to our trained eyes it indicated that we were drawing close to our hidden oasis in the grove. I had never been sure why we bothered, even from here my ears already picked up...
  8. Candexese: Men of Clan Halese I

    Men of Clan Halese -Torian- -East Rivenian Woodland- “Do you suppose peach pits float on water?” I announced the question loudly as I enjoyed the last few morsels of succulent fruit my teeth could scrape from the nearly bare stone at its center. It was a harmless question, the type of question I often liked to ponder after a good fight or a successful scavenging mission. a question to ground me and return me to the world that wasn't filled with hate and blood that I had been pulled...
  9. Candexese: Brothers in Blood II

    Brothers in Blood -Halane- -The City of Smaena- I dreamt that night. It felt like I had not traveled into the world of a dream for eons. It felt entirely alien and unfamiliar, and yet, I was in my same military apartment I had drifted off in. Looking out of the same crumbling hole of a window I had peered through earlier that day. I could see the buildings of Smaena, only they were stretching for what seemed like eternity. But this was not the city I had drifted off to sleep in, even...
  10. Candexese: Brothers in Blood I

    Brothers in Blood -Halane- -The City of Smaena- Sleep had not come easy often in the past ten years, and tonight in my small military apartment in that ruined watchtower, the promise of a respite from my thoughts seemed as elusive as ever. I had optimistically pondered perhaps that once the fighting was done and we had driven the enemy back that I would finally begin to know some degree of peace. But after seeing that look in my Legionaries eyes, it felt like the role of the firm...
  11. Candexese: Fallacy of the Last War II

    Fallacy of the Last War -Halane- -The City of Smaena- My men slowly approached from behind. Over the last few years most semblances of military decorum had faded away, and although they still saluted me and called me their Legate, at this point I felt I treated many with them as my own sons and brothers. Legionary Hader spoke first: “Sir, we were thinking about heading down below to see if we can offer some assistance to the civies, a few lads from the 3rd were down on Copper street...
  12. Candexese: Fallacy of the Last War I

    Fallacy of the Last War -Halane- -The City of Smaena- The warmth ushered in by winter's closing always tends to feel like a soothing and thawing of the soul, it was reminiscent of a familiar embrace from a friend you haven’t seen in far too long. The warmth that came after the long winter almost didn't feel real; it felt as though it was an illusion, another last desperate attempt by the enemy to bait us into a feeling of comfort. All we had known for the past decade was a bitter cold,...
  13. The Pass: Part 5

    Part 5 of 5. The climax of the fight, and its aftermath
  14. The Pass: Part 4

    Part 4 of 5. Dyan is forced to fight the darkling.
  15. The Pass: Part 3

    Part 3 of 5. Dyan enters the pass, and discovers a new mystery, and confronts the creature that has been stalking her.
  16. The Pass: Part 2

    Part 2 of 5. Dyan leaves the nomad merchants and continues into the pass, stalked by a darkling creature.
  17. The Pass: Part 1

    Part 1 of 5. Dyan encounters nomad merchants as she enters the pass, and learns that a dangerous darkling beast lurks ahead.