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  1. Dina
    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. Yora
    "I'm back, bitches!"
  3. phantommuseums
    It’s been a billion years but I’m back thanks to Tolkien and Cory Doctorow!
  4. Seira
    So rarely get any free time to hang out here...so enjoying this!
  5. Firefly
    A few chapters into my first Terry Pratchet book... Why did I not read these sooner?
  6. Futhark
    Futhark Devor
    Thank you.
  7. Futhark
    Futhark skip.knox
    Hey, is this how to send a private message?
    1. Devor
      Nope! Look for "Start a Conversation."
      Apr 6, 2019
  8. DaFlaminUnicorn
    I'm back!! In college and trying to be more active lol
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    2. Black Dragon
      Black Dragon
      Welcome back!!
      Feb 13, 2019
  9. DragonOfTheAerie
    a bit weirded out by how i can only move one direction in time
  10. Warrioress
    200,000 + words deep...
  11. Warrioress
    200,000 + word deep...
  12. risu
    risu Mytherea
    I don't think I can send you .docx files via the forums. Do you have an email address I can send it to?
  13. Dutch
    Writing my first novel surrounded by three children at home and 3000 teenagers at work. I like things that are difficult ;-)
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  14. Peebothuhlu
    Peebothuhlu Legendary Sidekick
    Hey there! So, the idea I have for Suny is that she keeps pouring on the water/ice magic... Waits and waits untill the bad guys come charging out of the other tunnel that no one's fighting in (I think) and then Ka-SHING! Ice spears/daggers/impalment!

    Is cool/clever huh?

    much cheers to you and yours.
  15. Rhizanthella
  16. Rose Torres
    Rose Torres
    A good glass of wine, a smoke, and let the words overflow as the honey oozes from the hive
  17. Tom
    Trying to finish what I started
  18. Caged Maiden
    Caged Maiden
    beating a dead horse...and trying to get back on it at the same time '_'
  19. DragonOfTheAerie
    so low on self esteem, so you run on mac and cheese
  20. Black Dragon
    Black Dragon
    Enjoying the summer! :)