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Recent Portfolio Entries

  1. The Mermaid's Touch (Part 2) - The Kiss of Death

    The Mermaid's Touch is a flash fiction story, first created for an international anthology. Stories were to be between 300 - 800 words. For the anthology there were 2 parts to the story. I have always planned to write a third part, and rite more stories to go with these.
  2. The Mermaid's Touch (Part 1) - The Healing Touch

    A flash fiction tale. Part one of 3 parts. This one has been published. This is a child-friendly tale.
  3. Intro

    Since finding this website today I've really thrown myself into things. I've joined communities in the past and then never got involved, or have been sporadic, at best, with my involvement. But it's the opposite here; at least thus far. I'm very active on social media but not in too many web-based communities. There's something about this one, however, that has me entranced; possibly only momentarily. I took a leap and shared some of my published flash fiction work here. It's a risk because...
  4. Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots, an adaptation of a well loved story. This flash fiction story was first written in 2013 for an international anthology. Stories could be original or adaptations and were to be between 300 - 700 words. In time there will be more adventures for Puss and Kendra. This is a child-friendly tale.
  5. Dragon's Blood

    A flash fiction tale about a boy and a dragon. This one has been published but I plan to write more about this character at some point. This is a child-friendly tale.
  6. Mini Collection continued

    The King's Assassination The lock clicked and the door eased open, a cloaked assassin slipped through into the King's chamber. The king lay on his bed, asleep and unaware of the intruder. The assassin carefully crept over to the bed. The knife rasped coldly as he slid it out of the sheath belted at the kings side. The moonlight glinted off of the naked blade. A floorboard creaked, the assassin froze, eyes searching, when he saw the shadowed figure in the corner he smiled. Then plunged the...
  7. Mini Collection

    The Flood It was early dawn when a crack of thunder rent air, and rain poured from the sky. It rained for hours, so hard that the rivers began to flood their banks and the streets of the abandoned city was covered with a thin blanket of water. As the day went on, the lightning and thunder grew more frequent. And the water rose ever higher. In the abandoned city the water was no longer a thin blanket but it would now be higher than your knees if you were to walk in it. In the shadows of a...