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Blood Sword Cover

This is the cover for Blood Sword, the 2nd novel in the First Civilization's Legacy series.

Blood Sword Cover
TWErvin2, Jan 8, 2012
    • Black Dragon
      Both of your books have great artwork, Terry. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    • Arranah
      Great artwork. Excellent book covers. Did you create them? One of the reasons I learned to paint was to create my own cover art. Still working on the skills.
    • TWErvin2

      Thank you for the compliment on the book covers.

      No, I did not create them. Artist Christine Griffin did the artwork for the covers (both Flank Hawk and Blood Sword).
    • Endymion
      Amazing artwork.
    • TWErvin2
      Thanks, Endymion.
      Christine Griffith created it and she did an awesome job! I think they capture the characters and tone of the novel well.
    • Stuart John Evison
      Good illustration.
    • TWErvin2
      Thanks, Stuart John Evison.
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