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Malkkarak, Father Wyvern of Worldly Flame

Malkkarak, Father Wyvern of Worldly Flame

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S.T. Ockenner Thanks friendo!
Ill keep it TLDR since this guy has alot of history haha, basically;
Created with his kin to arrest mankinds rapid growth after being blessed with magic, infused with worldly flame by the spirit Allon.
He warred against humanity in the most ancient of days with the traitor Asaphaem until the climax of the Great Scorching War when he would hide himself in Mount Rham to escape the destruction of the war in heaven.
After the conclusion of the Great Scorching War Malkarrak would emerge from Mount Rham and covertly work to topple any groups not loyal to the enduring presence of the Father Wyverns.
He would eventually unite with Asaphaems son and work to plunge the Antramarian Empire into civil war, but would be discovered and killed by Kain "The Slayer" Arcwin in the 6th Age, bringing an end to his long reign of terror over much of humanity.

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