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  1. Wiglaf
    All sounds good Centinuus. I'll keep an eye out for any new work.
  2. Centinuus
    Wiglaf Funny you ask, i have a major culmination of alot of idea's ive had on the backburner all flowing together into something that i think will be potentially my most ambitious event in the...
  3. Wiglaf
    I found this, and the 18th age map on Reddit - great work. The history is intriguing, and complex - any stories in the pipeline?
  4. Centinuus
    pmmg Sai for the continent itself, which i may post on here later, and Inkscape for the labeling
  5. pmmg
    Nice, kind of looks like Australia if the oceans overran it a little. What did you make this with?

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