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  1. CelestialGrace
    Riva thank you. I get inspired by a lot when I'm creating art. I got my inspiration for this piece from mythology ... the goddess Hecate. Mythology and dieties inspire a lot of my fractal art.
  2. MrNybble
    A. E. Lowan When you confuse a cockroach for a cat, then the real fun begins.
  3. A. E. Lowan
    MrNybble Live in the woods, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
  4. MrNybble
    That little thing is adorable. You should put a leash on it and that it for a walk.
  5. Riva
    I like it. It has a feeling I feel is quite reminiscent of something: the ripples, the forms, the colours... Did you get inspired by anything in particular?

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