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    Forgotten Archery

    Well I suppose if this works on a battlefield depends on how far you wanna shoot the arrow.I think for really long range you still gotta draw it completely.
  2. Athena

    Forgotten Archery

    So while reading through the forums I remembered some archery video I have seen some time ago and I really liked.The guy in the video actually manages to shoot arrows faster than legolas in the lord of the rings movie :) Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery. [VIDEO]
  3. Athena


    Well the only other word for teleporting I know would be shadowsteps,although in Guild Wars,the game I got it from,shadowsteps only have a very limited reach.So it depends on how you want to use teleporting,long range or short range.
  4. Athena

    Magic/energy system

    So you only talked about dark energy and it's uses in magic yet...what about white energy?Can white energy also be used to cast spells or are spells in general destructive and magic can only be used if you are willing to take the risk of damaging your body and using dark energy?Also what is...
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    New Idea for a World that Needs Help

    I think it should only take 1-2 days for the AI to translate the most basic words of the language,like "hello","where can I get something to eat?", "can I have some water?".Basically just what anyone of us could say when you first enter a country and only read a few dictionary pages. And then...
  6. Athena

    Useful weapons on horseback?

    Well if the bolt bounces out of place depends on the type of horse used.I realize that Spider most likely meant regular non magical horses...but if the horse was a pegasus then crossbows would work because then it could try to balance the movements when it's flying.And weapons...technically...
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    I know I already posted it somewhere else before,but it just fits both topics so good^^ One Piece:An anime about a pirate world.There are 2 lines on the planet,1 being the only thing close to a real continent and the other being lots of islands sided by 2 calm areas without any wind and...
  8. Athena

    TV Series (Resource List)

    I think animes in general are great resources for fantasy writing.Although there are too many of them to name them all on here I'll name a few. Naruto:An anime about a magical ninja world based on middleage japan with some modern elements mixed in.The magic here is based on an energy stored...
  9. Athena

    Naming your gods.

    Well I have discovered an easy way to name virtually anything you could possibly want to name...from kingdoms to cities and people to entire races and planets. Basically you just search for adjectives to describe whatever you wanna name.For kingdoms and cities and planets you pick adjectives...
  10. Athena

    Religion-Building (or: What Makes Gods Tick?)

    Goddesses Well...first of all some general stuff.About this greater power that created your goddesses...yesterday I read some story where the greater being was a void that constantly created and destroyed things and in the end only 3 gods survived.Just some little creation story for ideas^^...
  11. Athena

    A Roleplayers Quirks

    I guess this title does need some sort of explanation^^ Basically I am a guy that usually plays a girl in roleplays and even chose a female nickname on here...and according to my experiences on roleplay sites some people see that as weird or quirky ;) Before I write more about myself I want...