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    To outline or not to outline?

    Usually when I write it is something that has been 'bothering me' that is a piece of a story that has hung around as a partial scene in my mind. By outline yes, I really thought the only way to do it was with roman numbers (or arabic ones) and letters for sub ideas. I like the advice of...
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    Other Books You Like Besides Fantasy

    :cool:does it have words? That is the way I describe my reading habits else where. In order of preference: (after fantasy) Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Romance, Westerns, Historicals (especially Bernard Cornwell or WEB Griffen), Tech manuals, erotica.... anything else!
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    Help with an alternative wording

    In a passage in my current WIP I describe a multi-family housing complex as apartments. I've been told that this is anachronistic for my work which is a semi-midevil fantasy. Do any of you more experienced authors have any advice? I said the only other word I was certain of was...
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    To outline or not to outline?

    I know that the answer to this question of course is to outline. But this is perhaps the weakest area of my writing period. I also know the way to become stronger at anything is to practice. With that said I still hate to outline. Indeed whenever I start to outline it seems that the muse...
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    Knowing where to begin

    Knowing where to start is a very dificult proposition. However one of the pieces of advice I try to follow it this: The story starts where there is a break in mundanity. That may be the birth of the MC or some point in his/her life that the MC becomes aware that his/her life is not like everyone...
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    A question of structure

    I'm working with someone to get a fantasy novel into shape and one of the things I have argued about is using what I'd call a framework. By this I mean quotes from a book that is available to the characters of my novel but not necessarily to the audience... (Though I've been encouraged to write...
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    Best Cure for Writerblockitis?

    Write! Seriously open a blank wp and start putting down random words... If nothing else you will end up with a poem... BTW I have found over a period of time that it is impossible to put down totally random words (even if only to me they will have some connection) and thus I start expressing ideas.
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    How did you discover Mythic Scribes?

    I must add that this was a project wonderful advertisement. Thus your advertising is working. I belong to a couple of other forums and had been searching for a fantasy forum since wonderlands had gone down when ning went to a pay service. I am sincerely glad to be here and looking forward to...
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    Most Inventive Magic Systems

    I don't know if you are familiar with The Spell Song Cycle by L. E. Modesitt Jr or not but I rather thought that he had invented something interesting if not unique. Also his Recluse series is quite interesting.
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    Fantasy Must Read List

    I didn't see Mercedes Lackey on this list and would venture to say that reading her work would be an entertaining visit into fantasy.
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    How did you discover Mythic Scribes?

    I saw an advertisement on Tales of MU.
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    Greetings fellow fantasy writers

    I am working with someone on a series of novels. I haven't written much short stuff as I get caught up in the story and keep on telling more. Be sure to look at my website for a short peek at what I have in the works. I have not yet submitted anything. Mostly I feel that my work is not good...
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    Greetings fellow fantasy writers

    Hello one and all! My name is Vic (Maybe that is obvious...) I love to read and write fantasy stories. Actually I like to read any stories except horror stories. I hope to meet some people here who will become good friends.