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  • Hey, thanks for the friend request! I don't have very much time between juggling school, a college musical and attempting to raise two Fs to Bs by report card time, but I'll try to talk to you as much as I can :)
    I'm jealous. You have, like, ten thousand visitor messages on your page and I don't have any. :(

    I guess you're just well liked!
    My avatar picture is taken from the animated movie named Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)
    The character is the Dark Elf Algrim.

    Very epic film.
    Thanks :) I am tempted but to be honest I barely have enough time and motivation to write my WIP so I don't think I would do a story for you any justice at the moment ;)
    Thanks! I'm excited for this opportunity, for sure. I liked your challenge, too, haha. Very unique, good sir, if I might say so.
    Thank you so much.

    It's good to know that at 3am when I am trying to get my story to mysteriously turn into a novel I can find you here on the forum :)
    I already have one story in progress, it's called Chapter: The End in the showcase section.
    No unfortunately I never joined the military - that is actually a Victorian uniform I wore at a steampunk convention ;)
    Haha. Oh it's very nice here in the future. The weather is lovely. We don't have flying cars yet though, unfortunately. :)
    Yeah, I know it is hard to believe. Not sure why I never played any of them. I know they are popular, and Milla looks nice in the movies...
    I did, thanks so much for that :) I actually avoided reading the other critiques until I'd written mine, so I'm going through all of them now to see what everyone said about the stories.
    No worries Reaver; I am not offended :) If you are ever in Western Australia, be sure that I can give a fantastic tour - for free. I was glad to find this site. It was exactly what I was after! There is a lot of expertise here on the most specific of subjects - it is just what I needed.
    I chose it because it always reminds me that no matter what ever happens, good or bad, time never loses momentum. It puts things in perspective, ya know? I've always found comfort in it.
    The story is only in the beginning stages and very much a work in progress. If you want to see it I could pm you what I have so far. It isn't much and doesn't get far into the shadow aspect at all.
    The combination sounds nice. I have a short story with a thief character that is loosely based on the shadowdancer idea from 3.X
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