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30k Age of Strife - Fan Fiction World Building

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Holland, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Holland

    Holland Dreamer

    I have been working on a lot of fan-fiction about the overlooked aspects of the Warhammer 40k lore. I hope to one day turn it into a GS-RPG that I can run with other Warhammer fans.

    I was hoping on getting some feedback and suggestion on some of the idea that I have so far.

    30k And the Birth of the Imperium

    alternative names; Conquering the Terran Sector or Crusade for the Terran Sector

    A Grand Strategy Roleplay Game

    The player character is tasked with leading an expedition in advance of the Emperor's forces to scout out lost worlds and gather intelligence and resources for his coming.

    "Driven by the will of the Emperor, the first Expeditionary Fleets of the Crusade pushed outwards into the galaxy. Preceding each great Expeditionary Fleet of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of vessels often ranged smaller contingents of independent flotillas led by a class of martial leader that would become known as the "Rogue Traders Militant."

    The unification wars are coming to a close and with it the end of the beginning of the Emperor's plan to reunite humanity under his rule.

    As the warp storms surrounding the sol system subside, the Imperium puts out a call to the bravest and most adventurous subject to go forth into the galaxy to explore, to light the way for the inevitable expansion of the Imperium of Man into the galaxy.

    You are one such person; go forth into the wild uncharted space of the Terran Sphere. Explore strange star system, reclaim lost treasures, and conquer the enemies of mankind if not for the emperor, for your own personal wealth and glory.

    Your time for greatest has come if you are willing to take it.

    ---Terran Sector Aliens---

    I am abit conflicted as to what I want for the look and tone of the aliens around the terra Sector. I Know I want an early pulp taste to everything.

    The Greys - the "Zeta Reticulans", telepathic, technocracy, lacking emotion, uncertain motivations. steal high technology

    The Reptilians - infiltrators, carnivores, bioweapons. "a long time nemesis of humanity. The reptilians have suffered the same setbacks as humanity at large. But much like the Imperium, they too have begun to rebuild. They have a slight head start having conquered dozen neighboring star systems. the emperor of man has looked the other way on these foul creatures for too long and demands their extermination." An imperial ruling system, clans? Aztec esk.

    Firmir- chaos worshippers, marauders. invaded human space through the warp storms. rapist and enslavers. "once a young client state of the Terran Federation; the Firmir wear a friendly beautiful bird like species. During the age of strife the Firmir, fearing for there survival became more and more aggressive at first to outsiders and then to themselves. Eventually, this led them down the road to the worship of the ruinous powers."

    Morphills - xenomorph/necromorph/the Thing/ the Flood? infesting, spreading through trading ships

    As you are about to see I am also playing with the idea that 40k universe has elements of other fictions intertwined within it. most notably that the 1st "federation" was like that of Trek and thus has Trek aliens.

    Andorians - merged with little green men; gremlin-like, Marz Attacks! aggressive conquerors, overly bigoted, love the suffering of others (sociopath), fascist.
    Bajorans - warp cultists
    Betazoids - telepaths
    Benzites -
    Breen – lives in pressurized suites
    Cardassians - small desert lizard, kobolds
    Ferengi – traders, merchant empire, funding warlords

    Klingons - Brute alien empire
    kzinti -cat like men, hate reptilians and terrains
    Orion - slavers, cyborgs, possible human mutant faction
    Tellarite - pig-men, miners
    Tholians - insectoids, great builders and weapon experts
    Trills - parasites that live in other creatures

    Vulcans - Aeldari - pacifist living peacefully on a desert planet
    Romulans – Pirate, marauders, Dark Eldar

    Other race idea

    Deep Ones - toadmen, aquatic,
    Quid-Heads -
    Giants - Ancient aliens, Anunnaki gods of Summaria
    Slicon Lifeforms -

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