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A Suggestion for the Little Islands to the east

Discussion in 'Archipelago Archive' started by pmkava, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. pmkava

    pmkava Dreamer

    Since this whole project seems to be quiet i think i'll breath some life into it.So here is an idea i had for the little group of islands to the east.


    This cluster of seven islands to the east of the main land are a mystery on to themselves.High, rocky cliffs along most of the coastline make the formation of large seaports difficult, with one large port on the largest of the islands serving as the regions capitol.The interior of the islands mostly consist of grassland with spares woodland dotted around. lacking sufficient resources of there own, the inhabitants of the island rely heavily on imports and trade. Most people live in small coastal villages wherever they can be built, living mostly off of small scale subsistence farming and fishing, while a few manufacture trade goods and other are semi-nomadic herdsman, feeding there flocks out in the grasslands.

    This image of simplicity is contrasted by the numerous ruins all over the islands, evidence of an advanced civilization that predates the cataclysm 300+ years ago. These ruins attract treasure hunters from all over the greater archipelago, seeking the lost fortunes of this civilization. The treasures of gold, silver and precious stones that have so far been found, combined with extensive evidence of mining all over the islands suggests that vast amounts of minerals were pulled up from the ground, but these ancients depleted all the mineral vanes they could find, suggesting this may have lead to the collapse of this civilization.

    The Islands are loosely governed by a tribal confederation headed by the grand council, a group of the highest ranking elders, both men and women, of all the tribes. The council recognizes over a dozen tribes on the islands, including communities of settlers from other islands of the mythic archipelago. The grand council is divided into three circles, the circle of the tribes, the circle of judges and the circle of chiefs, each with there own responsibilities and a system of checks and balances that is designed to keep any one tribe from gaining dominance over another. In practice a small group of noble tribes, each essentially autonomous from the other, control every aspect of the council and subjugate the smaller tribes, which frequently leads to inter tribal conflict.

    The Nobel tribes trace there history on the islands to the time of the cataclysm and trace there ancestry to the pre-cataclysm civilization of the islands. they use this connection and the various myths and legends of the islands to enforce their right to rule.


    This is just a basic idea, don't even have any names picked out, im usually really bad at making up names. so what do you all think?
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  2. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    Woot for the breath of life...

    All seems good to me, with the assumption that this 'advanced civilization' won't go beyond the boundaries of the limitations we have set up for our world (ie, they were not 'advanced' as in star-faring but rather advanced as in 'roman empire level tech).
  3. pmkava

    pmkava Dreamer


    Roman empire level tech was exactly what I had in mind when I thought it up actually...
  4. myrddin173

    myrddin173 Maester

    Sorry for not commenting sooner.

    Overall it sounds pretty good, their is one potential problem. Kenny Smith expressed some interest in making the group of islands a penal colony of sorts in this thread. Since the archipelago is technically first come first serve, his idea would take precedence. I do think the two ideas could work together, the "prisoners" could form part of the non-noble tribes for example. I would suggest contacting Kenny about working together.

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