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A Thread for Finding your Perfect Critique Partner

Discussion in 'Writing Groups' started by Mask, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Mask

    Mask Scribe

    As the title says, this thread is for us to try and find the best critique partners we can.

    It's simple:​

    Members will post here linking to their first chapter/prologue/a piece of their work. You give a little 101 on yourself, and what you're interested in writing, as well as what you're interested in critiquing.

    Members will then look at each other's work, and leave critiques--mentioning this thread in their critique post.

    If we do this, we'll soon find people who give us the kind of feedback we need most, and can then start to get more thoroughly acquainted with them when we find a potential match.

    And, that is all there is to it. I've included a template at the bottom of the post--but feel free to write your application however you see fit. You can also look at the post below to see how my application looks, if you find it helpful.

    Good luck to you all in finding critiquing partners.

    [Name of Work] [/ b][/ CENTER]
    Genres:[/ B] [Insert any genres which you feel apply to your story.]

    [Type of work (IE: Novel, Light Novel, Short Story, etc.)]:[/ b] [Link to your Showcase Thread]

    About the Story:[/ B] [A short synopsis/description of the above title. What the story is about and etc.]

    My Writing Interests:[/ B] [Tell us a little about what you like to write, and why.]

    My Critiquing Interests:[/ B] [Tell us what you'd like to critique. Also, let us know if there's anything you'd prefer not to critique.]

    What I want from a Partner:[/ B] [Let all potential Critiquing Partners know what sort of feedback you want.]

    [Feel free to add any extra stuff to your post, which you feel is relevant.]
  2. Mask

    Mask Scribe

    Orc Slaves and Elven Princes
    Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, "History", ???, Profit.

    Episodic (Light) Novel: http://mythicscribes.com/forums/sho...logue-1-page-[critiques-opinions-wanted].html

    Note: Chapter 1 is on there too, somewhere on page 1 of the thread.

    About the Story: This is written as a serious adventure story, inspired by Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. The story focuses on two POVs; an orc and an elf. Orcs are often slaves to elves within the setting, considered lowly and disturbing creatures. This contrasts with the impressive and beautiful elves. The plot centres around the conflict between these two groups, headed by the two main characters. Guessed who the good guys are yet? See the end of this synopsis for the answer.

    "War has no understanding of our heroes; nor can it comprehend the villain. Killing, suffering, blood and disease; cold, hunger, fire and salted earth. Such is well known to war, and the children it fosters. For we who have fought in war.... there is no time for heroes and villains."

    My Writing Interests: I am quite interested in history. Real battles, and sword, and armour, and ways of ancient life. If I could, I would have my fantasy works on the historical fiction shelf, despite my stories taking place in a different world. That's not to say I write my works like a history book... most of those are written by droll historians (I know a very interesting historian, on that note). I love exciting, dramatic, clever stories which involve strategy, and also love injecting humour into my work--though the current work hasn't given me many opportunities for humour.

    Other than that, I just hope to write good stuff which people want to read.

    My Critiquing Interests: People who are interested in writing realistic/gritty fiction would be a perfect match for me. I might have trouble critiquing extremely high-fantasy, extremely depressing, or grimdark works.

    What I want from a Partner: Mostly, I'm interested in three points:
    1) Could you understand what was happening in the story? Which parts were hard to understand/read?
    2) Was there anything that didn't make sense? Any plot-holes? Logic-holes? Etc?
    3) Did you like it? What did you like about it? What did you dislike or outright hate in it? AKA: How did it make you feel?
    Other critique and feedback is very welcome as well. Those are just the points I'm particularly interested in.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application. I hope we all find the best possible critiquing partners :).
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