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Discussion in 'World Building' started by Featured Author, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Featured Author

    Featured Author Scribe

    Black Dragon submitted a new blog post:

    A Worldbuilding Magazine

    This article is by Adam Bassett.

    [​IMG]I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has developed into original stories with (hopefully) intriguing settings and characters. During my time working on these projects there has always been a collaborative drive whenever I spoke with another who enjoyed telling a story. I believe it is out of this spirit that Worldbuilding Monthly was born.

    I learned of the digital magazine about a week before the first issue was released - this was late in March 2017 - and I immediately fell in love with it. Worldbuilding Monthly is a platform for the greater community of worldbuilders to share their ideas, a place for artists to develop and share their work. It is a place for discussion, encouragement of crazy ideas, and perhaps most importantly it is a centralized platform for sharing quality edited content to help worldbuilders in their endeavors.

    A Collaborative Process

    The magazine’s team changes for every issue; it is an international team of volunteers, each of whom in some way hopes to help share and teach through the magazine. Postantera is our greatest manifestation of this. The team who has collaborated in this world have shared a few things about it in nearly every issue, as well as a short story to accompany the more technical articles. Since issue one,...

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  2. adamcbassett

    adamcbassett Scribe

    Glad you enjoyed the magazine! We're currently working on the next issue so keep an eye out for that in early December. Until then, we have a growing library of content on the website linked in the blog post above.

    I agree, if government is of any importance in your world (I suppose it is possible for it to be unimportant but that seems difficult) you should know a decent amount about it. I'm not sure which existing systems you refer to in your world, but I would suggest looking up some basic info about them, as well as more complex theories behind their creation and way of analyzing the world.
  3. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    I read through the first issue, and am very impressed by the quality of the publication. I'm telling all Mythic Scribes readers to check it out. It's first rate stuff.
  4. Viorp

    Viorp Minstrel

    Where can you buy it?
  5. adamcbassett

    adamcbassett Scribe

    I'm flattered you want to buy it, but the publication is available for free at out website linked in the article above. You can access all 6 issues there. Happy [email protected]
  6. adamcbassett

    adamcbassett Scribe

    Thank you! Issue 1 was a great start but we've evolved over the months and continue to try to improve our presentation and content. It's rather variable, due to the size of the team and volunteer nature of the project, but I think we've done well.

    Thanks again for cooperating with us on this, and for letting us communicate so freely with Mythic Scribes. It's been a joy.
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  7. gia

    gia Scribe

    OMG...this just through my November goals off course! Awesome stuff!
  8. after.eternity

    after.eternity Acolyte

    I really need this mag!
  9. Cu Mara

    Cu Mara Dreamer

    This is amazing! I'd never thought of such a thing!

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