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    I have begun publishing a series of online articles on medieval history. While it may not quite be wie ist eigentlich gewesen, it is certainly not fantasy. These articles are the result of my five decades of historical research, writing, and teaching. They will cover a wide range of topics, from Carolingians to plague, daily life to papal history, the Crusades to the Reformation.

    The first article is on the Black Death. I thought I'd pick something fun to start. :eek:

    I'll be publishing every other Wednesday and have somewhere above sixty in the queue, though so far I'm scheduled only through the middle of next February. The schedule is here
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    That's an instant bookmark for me.
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    Second installment.
    This link takes you to my account of the events of the First Crusade. This is as part of my ongoing series of essays on medieval history. These essays provide more depth than most online resources, and will always include a list of supplemental reading for those who wish to dig deeper.

    In coming months I'll be covering all the main crusades plus a number of related topics, in addition to other medieval subjects.

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