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ADR's ship designs and 'believable fantasy' art

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by a dreamy walker, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. a dreamy walker

    a dreamy walker Scribe

    To start off, I also have Aspergers Syndrome - and my obsession is ships, non-wheeled vehicles, and fantasy items with a hint of science.

    Here's some of my 3D work (using Autodesk Maya and Blender) that I've worked on over the past five years. Most of it is unfinished, but, considering how welcoming the forum has been to me so far, I thought I'd post it here to let you have a look. (PS - when I draw, I tend to draw or model things that belong in the urban fantasy/scientific fantasy area - they're make believe, but they're somewhat believable.)


    This thing was modelled in Maya (rendered using mental ray) and took about 5 or 6 hours to model. As you can see, the shadows went beserk in the rendering process (due to all the lights in the scene); in fact, rendering this froze my old computer (an old Core 2 machine) for a very, very long time. But the front (where I tend to start) came out to perfection - notice the glass in the cockpit, and a gun barrel below the nose/air intake).

    The one regret I have is that stupid, out of style tailfin.

    And then, recently, I designed this; a magnetic-levitation racer (loosely styled on the Wipeout computer games)

  2. Jabrosky

    Jabrosky Banned

    You're off to a good start, as that ship is absolutely beautiful!

    BTW I'm also an Aspie.
  3. FatCat

    FatCat Maester

    That looks cool as hell, I want one!

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