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Advertising Platform App- Booksniffer

All right folks, to be clear, I am totally unaffiliated with these folks(except I’ve known about it for some time), but there is a semi-new app, it’s live but more features are coming. Basically, it’s a book promotional tool. Anyhow, I won’t talk much about it, because you can check it out yourself and decide. It was designed by authors and instead of using bidding per click (annoying as hell) it has set pricing and other stuff.

Anyhow, they have early bird pricing for authors to get in on the growing launch, I think a lot of it is half price. Do I suggest sinking a pile of coin in it? No. It’s new. Use your own judgment. But it has some slick features and is worth checking out. CPC ads are coming in the future as well.

authors.booksniffer.com will get you to the author side of things, and you can check out the free app on your phone.
One of the interesting points is that I’m locked in on some ads at a fixed rate for a year. The fixed rate is what I’d call “really good” numbers on Facebook and waaaay frigging lower than anything Bookbub offers as the tail of end of email promos... because it’s not a bidding basis. I’ve had FB ads run cheaper, i’ve had stretches in the .12-.15 per click area that lasted months, but once heavy shopping periods kick in or whatever, UP those go even if your click through is really good. I will curious to see what their CPC ad system looks like.

They also have a keyword engine that looks pretty spiffy. The creator is supposed to give me a walkthrough on that in a day or two, and it looks both easy and useful.
Sean Hinn and some other authors put this thing together, and they seem to be good people. God knows he put a pile of work in this sucker, LOL.
Wow, I didn't know about this app. I think it might be useful for me because I have the intention to write a book. It turns out that there are a lot of resources out there for aspiring writers.