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Advise/Critique for my World(very early stage)


I could need some help7critic and advise with my Worldbuilding. Here are the Parts I already got in order..

I have 3-4 Major Races in my World.

1st is Humanoid and lives in Forests, very close to Nature. Use Magic of the Woods, rivers, stones etc.
Prey to big Magic Trees. The Trees are a big conscious mind. Live very long lives, but not immortal. Before they die, they implement their Body/Mind to the Treenetwork.

They have also a very dark secret, for stronger Magic there must be Bloodsacrifies (I think like for most of the magic in my universe) some of them also like to eat human flesh. And they implement worthwhile or usable Humans to the trees.

For Humans, they are long forgotten more myth than real. Just some Scholars know about their existence.

Big, pale, very beautiful and intelligent.
Live in a Fortress far far in the North..so far never a human would reach it.
They hate humanity(because of things happened)
The Northern Kingdoms(Viking inspired Human Raidervolk) sacrifices Humans to them. They also abduct them.
For other Humancultures than the Vikings they are just Legends. They don't believe their existence.


Dragons, it's said..their got extinguished Centuries ago.

So the Thing I try to made up...

100'000 Years ago, there was an Ancient Highculture, First Dynasty the Emperor reigned for 10'000years, he took 100Humanwomen as wives.
Followed by some other Emperors...they had Dragonriders as Soldiers.
Humans were slaves, who worked in their Mines. Maybe there was an illusion or something that tricked humans..so they didn't know about the slaverypart..

Somewhere in History there was an Event, maybe a bigger Revolution? Or more like 2 Humans..or a Male Human and Female Dragonlord fell in love and flet..they stole a mighty artefact/destroyed something that Changed the World and caused a big Cataclysm(Nuclearwinter/Sunflare or similar..)
Most of the Worldpopulation died.

Other Possibility is a 3rd Crossbreedrace in the Empire..during the 10000 Years of Crossbreeding with the Humans..Socialstructure like: Emperor and some Other, Crossbreeded as Soldiers etc and Humans as Workforce.
Same happened..but they freed a bigger Part of the Humans and Crossbreeded...
Unleashed also Dragons on the World.

In the Ashes of the Destruction Humans began to evolve/settle at their own..formed Kingdoms etc. The Dragonlords too..but with the help of the Dragons they conquered a big Part of the early Human Kingdoms.

The northern Elder Race is concern t about this and start to manipulate. (Their able to send Dreams/Prophecy and manipulate the Minds) Then a Civilwar happens or Humans revolt..Dragons and their Lords get extinguished.

There are also Humans with the Genes from the other Races, they are the ones with special abilities and Traits, like Magic.

As you see, there are several holes..and it needs a lot of polish. That's the part I'm grateful for every help. Also, for input/critic for parts already written..

I'm also not sure about the 3 Elderraces. Are they complete different Species? Or just different Races like black, white, Indian etc.
Just elementinspired...maybe there was also an ideology drift in their History and that's why they are now that different..?

Or just the Forest and Northernrace..and the Dragonlords are aliens that came to the "earth".

Other Ideas? And is this too much inspiration from asoiaf? Also interested in Ideas that go in your mind reading this...Target is a very dark and grim world..


I think it's always a good idea to start with the big picture. What level of technological development has the world and what kinds of countries are there? Does the world have a theme and for what story idea is the world meant for?

And a specific advice, that I would give to maybe most fantasy writers: Take one 0 from all your numbers. :p So many people like to do the hundreds of thousands years history, but that's ridiculously long. 10,000 years ago humans were still in the stone age. That's an unimaginably long time ago. The oldest history we have goes only a bit over 3,000 years back. No need to make yours 30 times longer than that.
Might want to check again with the likes of Mesopotamia and the like Yora. Written history goes back at least another couple thousand years with the Sumerians. Not stepping into proto-history and the like. And against such advice, if you have races that live well longer then humans, then a ten grand history might not be all that much. And can use the highlights of it for world building at the moment.

And so far doesn't really sound too much like aSoIaF.


Thanks, yes my toughts with the long Timeperiod were also the very long living Races and second, i try to write the timeline how it really happenend. The Humans in my actual story will not know everything of it. I will make myths and legends of it..turn or completly change things..
It sounds cool and actually fairly original to me. I wouldn't know about ASOIAF.

I second the above advice. We have written history for only about 3 or 4,000 years back. 100,000 years is an unimaginably long time.

Although, i totally misread "Target is a dark and grim world." I was like "Yeah. Why is everything red? There's just something eerie about Target." and then i was like, "Wait. What?"