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Amazon Marketing

C. L. Larson

Does anyone have experience with the Amazon marketing services? I have very recently gone live with my first book so I don't have any word of mouth or return readers.

If I were to use Amazon's marketing services which services have you guys and gals had the most luck with?


toujours gai, archie
I see there are no replies here. I just ran an Amazon ad. I took all their suggestions, did no special tweaking.

And got basically no results. Twelve impressions over two weeks; two clicks. Spent a dollar and a quarter, total. So, nothing gained, almost nothing spent.

I just bought Publisher Rocket (formerly KDP Rocket) and am trying not to drown in options and data. But I'm determined to push on the Amazon ads a bit harder. Then reach for BookBub and its kin. Then Facebook. Or maybe all at once!

Like C. L., I'd love to hear what others have done.

C. L. Larson

Since I posted this, I have done two separate ad campaigns on Amazon. The first was a generic ad that used their automated keywords, like Skip I got basically nothing. The second campaign I used my own keywords that I thought would match my book. This campaign has done far better in regards to impressions 27,521 so far and better on clicks 58 so far but no better on sales. I may have gotten a read or two from KU but sales is 0.

I may have to rewrite my description.