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Animal spirits inherited

Discussion in 'Research' started by WonderingSword5, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Minstrel

    Where can I research animal spirits if I want to say that someone inherited them? They would have mystical abilities.
  2. Chasejxyz

    Chasejxyz Sage

    What does it mean to inherit them? Because if your idea is something like "her great-great grandmother was a Cherokee princess so she has the power of an eagle spirit" I strongly, strongly suggest you do not do that. Blood quantum (the idea that you have a certain % of "Indian blood" and therefore have the right to do/be certain things) is controversial, at best, so "inheriting" animal spirits is going to be along those lines...which isn't great. If you are not Native and you want to use parts of Native culture/religion in your fantasy book, you're going to run into a lot of problems. People are a lot more aware of how hurtful things like that are nowadays.

    However, if this is a totally made-up fantasy world and, like, elves are inheriting animal spirits then you won't have this exact problem, but you do need to be aware of what you're doing and how it can come off as cribbing from real-world cultures. You say "where can I research" and it would be the same thing as anything else: the library, google, books, subject matter experts...but you do need to give us more info.
  3. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Minstrel

    I'm sorry I should of explained it more in depth :(

    The spirits wouldn't be based on Native American culture. The MC's ancestry animal spirits would be of European descent so anything from Europe. Or possibly Egyptian. This is meant to be urban fantasy, where made up fantasy can exist in the real world because that's where my story takes place and the MC inherited this animal spirit from the father's side.
  4. TJPoldervaart

    TJPoldervaart Minstrel

    So, it sounds like you're looking for spirit animals that would be fitting for a European/North-African setting. Now, that sounds to me like you would want animals that are both interesting and fitting for the heritage of your MC. So, a couple ideas:
    - Research flags of nations/provinces/cities; these will often have animals on them that are closely associated with that region (unless of course they're griffons and dragons), thus giving you an idea what animals were important to them.
    - Research what animals are prominent in the region your MC hails from and choose one of those.

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