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Antagonists - Describe your Top Three

Discussion in 'World Building' started by J. S. Elliot, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. J. S. Elliot

    J. S. Elliot Inkling

    I'm starting this thread mostly out of curiosity. Since character and world building are my expertise, I was interested in seeing how people built their own characters - context, motives, and results. I'll start with my own top three (though they rank in no particular order) as an example. ^^

    Series/Story: The Unforgiving Trilogy
    Genre: Science-Fantasy
    Antagonist: Calden Telger
    Notable Skills: Advanced Psychic Abilties - Telepathy and Telekinesis.
    Context: Telger would be otherwise sane, save for having a condition known as "monomania". It is the explicit fixation on a certain object, place, person, ideal, or otherwise. His fixation is on death. However, common deaths soon came to bore him. Ones that look like accidents - the pinching of an artery, insanity, etc - no longer kept him occupied. And seeing as he fancies himself an artist, his trademark is the carving of backs. The process takes several hours (being he uses a very thin bladed knife for outlining and detailing, and a thicker blade to embolden the 'art'), although they almost never live long enough to scar. However, his fascination is seeing just how many ways people can die, and putting spins on ones he's already sampled. But he is hardly stupid, having led an entire menagerie of lesser criminals into the palm of his hand and building an underground empire.
    Motives & Details: Eventually, even the most experienced slip up. Officer Phillip Denzel was the one who put the cuffs on him, and Judge Melissa Greer who condemned him to a life in solitary confinement. But the confinement only lasted seven years. Those seven years were put towards developing a special punishment for each person involved in his trials. Eventually whittled down to just his arresting officer, Telger decided to do something ... different.
    Revenge by proxy looked so appealing, especially what with his mute daughter. But the plan to send her back in pieces - literally - derailed after Hannah was secured. After the angel wings were finished, coupled with the casual labeling of "Daddy's fallen angel", her abilities were forced to the surface. The telekinetic explosion ruined his pretty face. And his prey escaped - a first.
    At first, it was simply a novelty. An interesting game. But that game turned into a fickle obsession the longer she lived.

    Series/Story: Scourge of Yggdra (Time period: AEW 453-456)
    Genre: Epic/High Fantasy, edged with Dark Fantasy.
    Antagonist: Phobos Rayner.
    Notable Skills: Acting
    Context: Prior to his entrance to the story, he is forever looking for a challenge. Something to rival his believed intellect and lethal combat opportunity. Surprisingly, though, he's not interested in power. Not in ranked power, at least. What he is interested in is power over others, in subtle tendrils. The world is his stage, so to speak.
    Motives & Details: Boredom. As simple as that is, one might say that it proves boredom is deadly. In his search for something to truly occupy him, he takes on a commission to weaken and reduce the guerrilla group that has been causing such grief. Playing them like a harp, he finally finds a challenge. The game is on.

    Series/Story: Dragonheart
    Genre: Dark Fantasy
    Antagonist: Marquee Seymour Amets
    Notable Skills: Expertise in dead and banned arts / Heightened senses, strength, and agility.
    Context: By the start of the story, the Marquee is already eight years into developing immortality. He hasn't physically aged in four, though it is believed to be due to his abilities as a mage - it is well known that mages age slower than those that do not use what ability they may or may not be born with. But, that is not enough.
    Motives & Details: Seymour fashions himself as a god. It is his desire to remake the world in his image, meting out justice and suffocating perceived impurities. What makes this ironic is that he uses the very thief that attempted to steal from him as the puppet along this road - having the Tempero glyph set tattooed into her skin for life, rather than simply branding as is the usual punishment.
    The Tempero creates not only a telepathic connection, but makes the receiver a puppet at will - with them aware of it, all the while. It was forbidden, however, because of not only the damage it does to the victim, but also the one in control. He is able to plant thoughts and suggestions in Sauda's mind, but the constant connection has a subtle, growing result. The would-be "Godking" is slowly growing obsessed with his tool of justice, while the thoughts he has planted in her mind have begun to take root - leaving her unable to trust herself.
    By the time of the true King's assassination, they are both on a slippery slope.

    Now, who would like to write about their top three and why?
  2. Ireth

    Ireth Myth Weaver

    Here's mine:

    Series/Story: Low Road
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Conall
    Notable Skills: Heightened senses, strength and speed; great skill in playing bagpipes; can glide on well-developed wings
    Context: Conall is the first of all vampires, and the lord of an underground city populated by vampires of his extensive bloodline. He has been a vampire for hundreds of years, and has been insane for most of them, ever since he turned his second wife into a vampire in their wedding bed. Centuries of drinking blood have corrupted him physically and morally, and he kills humans for pleasure as well as for food, and instructs younger vampires to do the same.
    Motives and Details: Conall has an insatiable curiosity and a lust for power, as well as being utterly insane. He founded the underground city and appointed himself lord in an attempt to regain the power and status he had had as a human, and he coerces women (specifically green-eyed redheads) into being his lovers, reasoning that since both of his wives are gone (the first died the night Conall was cursed, the second divorced Conall after waking as a vampire), he should take lovers who are not allowed to leave him. Conall has no objection anymore to killing and siring humans for both food and pleasure, seeing it as a good way to serve the Goddess who cursed him -- she told him and every other vampire that both men and beasts would be their prey, and that with every human they killed, they would come further under her thrall (resulting in physical and moral corruption). He uses coercion and enchantments to keep his people in line, and gets very angry when his will is undermined.

    Series/Story: "Characters in a Can"
    Genre: Crossover fantasy
    Antagonist: Samindoma
    Notable Skills: Manipulation of visions, dreams
    Context: Samindoma is a Maia, who reaches the height of his power a few hundred years after the War of the Ring. He is the servant of a stronger Maia called Vanyahér, who in turn was a servant of Sauron. Samindoma stations himself in Orthanc tower and carries out Vanyahér's orders from there.
    Motives and Details: The usual Dark Lord goals: destruction of Middle-earth and a share in the power once Vanyahér is the ruler of all. He is Vanyahér's favourite servant, and possibly even his lover. He is defeated once by a mage from modern-day Earth, who enchants him to sleep moments before a company of elves blows up Orthanc; he comes back to life a couple of centuries later, only to be defeated again by the same mage and the mage's older brother (a were-bear), who wielded a dagger from Numenor found in Minas Tirith.

    Series/Story: Winter's Queen
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Fiachra
    Notable Skills: Glamour illusions, horseback riding, dancing
    Context: Fiachra is a Daoine Sidhe of Faerie, the elder child and only son of the Winter King Madoc Morfryn; he kidnaps the human girl Ariel Hawk to make her his bride and queen. He is at least a thousand years old.
    Motives and Details: Selfish, ambitious Fiachra is bent on taking a wife and usurping his father's throne. He chooses a mortal bride because a) no Fae woman will have him, and b) children rarely come from unions between two full-blooded Fae, and having a (legitimate) child is a huge part of his ambition. He alternates between kindness and coercion in his attempts to woo Ariel, with no success. While the wedding is initially set for Midwinter Eve, 2011, after Ariel tries to escape him numerous times he bumps the date up several weeks and literally drags her though the preparations.
  3. Feo Takahari

    Feo Takahari Auror

    Series/Story: Eternal
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Judith
    Notable Skills: Summons and binds demons, charismatic leader, highly skilled at Rebellion (a bastardized form of Go), has the Bible memorized
    Context: In life, a deeply religious single mother with a grudge against the concept of love. In death, a powerful demoness with the skills and the willpower to conquer Hell.
    Motives and Details: Judith believes in redemption, and she hopes to someday redeem herself from Hell, though she acknowledges that she is not currently worthy of it. She thinks that romantic love doesn't truly exist, and treats lust as a dangerous vice, but she feels maternal love for the demons she commands, and she has great respect for the love of friends. Though she doesn't hesitate to cause pain to her followers in her attempts to stamp out their sins, she never hurts someone just for the sake of hurting them, and she believes that no one is completely beyond help.

    Series/Story: Dulling the Pain
    Genre: Science Fantasy
    Antagonist: Maria
    Notable Skills: Professional xenobiologist, strong sense of empathy, reacts quickly and readily to "magical" abilities like telepathy (though as a human, she can't use them herself)
    Context: Found a unique intelligent specimen (Flora), and wants to protect her. Would rather negotiate, but knows force may be necessary to keep other people from trying to control or kill Flora.
    Motives and Details: Under no circumstances will she kill or physically harm other people. However, she has few compunctions against utilizing Flora's mind control, particularly if this keeps people from hurting Flora or each other. She's largely selfless, and her greatest desire is for other people to be happy and safe.

    Series/Story: Powerless
    Genre: Superhero fiction
    Antagonist: Alvin ("the gray-eyed man")
    Notable Skills: Control over dreams, can put people to sleep temporarily
    Context: Seeks to control or destroy a team of superheroes to establish himself as a threat.
    Motives and Details: Treats every situation as being about him. Pretends he doesn't believe criticism, but secretly has very little self-esteem, and can easily fall into depression. Views other people as small-minded and petty, and claims that his goal is to save them from themselves. Takes no pleasure in harming those who haven't slighted him in some way, but acts sadistically towards those who draw his anger, and is willing to hurt anyone if it will accomplish some goal. Probably has narcissistic personality disorder.
  4. shangrila

    shangrila Inkling

    Sounds like fun. I'll give it a go, though I've only got the one major story to date.

    Series/Story: One-Eyed Men (working title)
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Alias; the Red Scarf, Real Name; Casimir Un Garvel
    Notable Skills: Swordfighting, manipulating and exploiting others
    Context: Casimir is the grandson of the last king, who was deposed by the current royal family two generations ago. He's spent long years training in Arca (a warrior city) in secret and, at the start of the story, is leading the rebellion attempting to bring down the Throne (though no one knows his real name at that point).
    Motives & Details: He's obsessed with reclaiming his family's throne, which he sees as his birthright. He's not afraid to manipulate or use whoever it takes to reach this end (it's revealed that the current regime originally hired him to start the rebellion to weed out traitors, not knowing who he truly was. He used this 'alliance' to get close enough to get what he wanted). He lets his sister die, perhaps even ordered his men to kill her (unknown) and then acted as if he cared to gain the protagonist's sympathy and alliance. He's also created an alliance with an expansionist empire in the south, providing him with powerful blood mages, that he intends to betray as well, not to mention pretending to be the pawn of a god while it gives him enhanced speed.
    Basically, he's never what he says he is and is little more than a sociopath.

    Series/Story: One-Eyed Men (working title)
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Granier Arston
    Notable Skills: Subterfuge, manipulation
    Context: Granier is a Hound, the unrestrained agents of the Throne. He is a man who believes the ends justify the means and isn't afraid to trample over whoever he has to in the King's interests. He's not a man who gets his hands dirty, but always seems to have someone willing to do what he wants, when he wants it.
    Motives & Details: Patriotism. He believes in his country and the Throne. Unfortunately, he doesn't care about the people the Throne represents. Commoners are scum, warriors are brutes only occasionally useful and nobles are sycophants. Only the King and his family are important to him, making his fellow Hounds open game for use and sacrifice, if need be.

    Series/Story: One-Eyed Men (working title)
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Revenant (alias, no known name)
    Notable Skills: Torture/causing pain, intelligent
    Context: Revenant is an albino orphan adopted by the Hounds at a young age. He's quick witted, light hearted and a sadist. He was Granier's chief interrogater until Granier killed his adopted sister as a "favour". Despite hating his sister, Revenant sets out for revenge as a matter of principal.
    Motives & Details: Throughout the story he brutally carves his way through the Hounds, but isn't afraid to take time out to "practice" on other, more innocent people. He has several interactions with the main characters, usually using them to further his own ends and inevitably killing off a friend or two, even if one doesn't know it was him (a fact he enjoys to no end).
    He seems to straddle the lines between hero and villain, killing Hounds and saving lives even as he takes them with horrific pleasure. His motives are often obscure, even to him, and he has no problem changing them at a drop of a hat if it suits him (or leads to more "fun"). Ultimately though he serves as a somewhat antagonist to the two main characters, even if he could be called a main character himself.
  5. icewindel

    icewindel Dreamer

    Okay, here goes... something. These are all original, just because I like them better ^^,

    Series/Story: Immortal Travelers
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Antagonist:Isaiah of Euroch
    Notable Skills: Like all the other travelers, he has the innate ability of traveling backward through time. He is, in addition, immortal. He has a highly devious disposition and never resists temptation.
    Context: Isaiah was born in the year 22 CE in a lower district of Constantinople. He discovered his abilities by accident when he pissed off a street vendor at the age of thirteen and the vendor stabbed him in the stomach. It was usually a fatal wound, but he lived through it. A year after that, he discovered that he was able to stop and reverse time.
    Motives & Details: As he has lived through time over and over again, he is motivated by boredom to warp the time stream for his own personal amusement. A bit of a satirist, he pokes fun at almost everything and speaks mainly in sarcastic, sharp tones. He has a few friends, but one of them is hired and the other two don't seem to have minds of their own. A twisted sense of humor leads him to step on seemingly insignificant butterflies and watching the results as time roles on. His idea of fun is to sabotage glorious moments in history by maybe shifting the podium foot to the left or replacing a speech with something else. He never really takes anything seriously and doesn't have anything that is really important to him, so he does anything he wants, literally whenever he wants, with no regard for anyone else.

    Series/Story: Tales of the Killers
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Lord Wilhelm Weyrhen of Syllwin
    Notable Skills: Brilliant strategist, lots of money and connections
    Context: A child of privilege, Wilhelm was born into the ruling family of the city-state of Syllwin. He is now the efficient, if not ruthless, ruler of the city-state. One could say he rules with an iron fist as he is not lenient toward those who do not work. He grew up with the world as his oyster, seemingly perfect. Then when his uncle, mother and two sisters were assassinated, his present temperament was born.
    Motives& Details: Wil is a natural born leader, but as a member of the ruling family, he has inherited a certain degree of paranoia that had only been enhanced by the untimely deaths of his family members. In person, he is shifty and suspicious, setting more than the usual number of guards at the doors of each room he resides in. He occasionally sends squads of soldiers out on inquisitions, disbanding guilds and unions and taking prisoners back to the dungeons and torturing them for information about none existent rebellions. In addition to his overwhelming paranoia, Wilhelm also feels intense rage toward whoever it was that killed his family. He takes this rage and his other feelings of hate and anger and lets it out on, and in, the girls in his harem, injuring them, sometimes fatally, even as they try to please him.

    Series/Story: Human Tide
    Genre: Fantasy
    Antagonist: Ruilnon
    Notable Skills: An expert with a bow and sword as well as a staff, and, like other elves, her hearing, sight and vision are heightened. Her mind processes faster than average, allowing her an increased reaction speed and the ability to think quicker. As a result, she is brilliant in business as well as on the battlefield.
    Context: A woodland elf, Ruilnon has gone beyond the bounds of what her people consider bad tempered. She was born a cruel spirit and has remained one, despite what her mother and tutors tried to teach her. Ruilnon rose to become the Speaker of her people at a younger age, adding to her pride and ambition. Resulting from these emotions is an overwhelming feeling of anger toward the human race, which has constantly been pressing them back more from their original territory for the past two and a half centuries.
    Motives & Details: Ruilnon is a very ambitious and prideful individual. She uses every advantage she can to push herself higher up the chain of command, including her people's indignant anger toward the humans. Her own ambition and patriotism for her people propel her to unite them and surge against the humans where her almost insatiable bloodlust takes hold of her. Pride and bloodlust intermingle and she turns on her own people, converting their once republican nation into a despotic state. Any who oppose her are kidnapped and tortured or killed as she raises her ruthless army, attacking even other nations of elves out of sheer jealously of any power they might have. Power and pride hold her in thrall as a purely tyrannical leader, crushing any opposition to her people or herself.
  6. BeigePalladin

    BeigePalladin Sage

    hmmm, my favorite three antagonists of mine, well...

    Series/Story: Knights of the mourning star (and other works set in extended world)
    Genre:[/b[ Urban dark fantasy/crime (wow thats harder to put down that I though XD)
    Antagonists: Aldramelech (Known alliases: Adrian Melech)
    Notable skills: A functionally immortal demon with several centures worth of experiance, Aldramelech boasts notableshape-shifting and magical prowess puting him as eaisly one of the most powerful - if not possibly the most powerful - indivudal on the realm of earth. Aldramelech boasts a silver tongue and a quick wit, as well as a finger in most pies and finincial power to make almost anything happen. As a demon lord, Aldramelech has the abilityto lend portions of his power to others, ensuring his underlings can suceed at their needed tasks. master strategist and chess master
    Context: A Demon-Lord that was first summoned to earth during the Crusades, Alramelech is a sense freak in love with the mortal world and how it works. He has since then engrained himself within the machinations of the world, as a notable leader and buisnessman, or sometimes a priest or pauper. In recent years, due to the shattering of the Maskerade and earth being dragged into the war of the three realms, he has been forced to hide much more, and feels his position in the world threatened, and his is willing to do anything - and remove anyone - to ensure he is not banished. Aldramelech feels no empathy for others, nor concern for who he crushes or how; he is a ruthless, uncaring force who would watch the world burn to reach his goals.
    Motives and Details: Aldramelech wants, most of all, to remain in the human world and to maintain his power and influence (and expand it if possible, though as a secondary concern); he sees banishment back to his home plane of existance as a fate worse than death. Recently, when the worlds maskerade was shattered and earth was dragged into the war of the three realms, he has found his hold on his new home threatened by old foes once more, and has taken on a much more direct path to ensure he cannot be banished.

    Series/Story: Knights of the mourning star
    Genre:[/b[ Urban dark fantasy/crime (wow thats harder to put down that I though XD)
    Antagonists: Jeanette De-Bellerose (known aliases: The knight of the Rose)
    Notable skills: trained speaker, orrator, singer and dancer. Skilled combatant with mystically granted competance with any tool she uses, can mimic the power of opther members of the Moruning star who are nearby. Angel-marked spellcaster specilizing in mind-effecting abilities
    Context: A decendant of the Origional Knights of the Morning star, much as the protagonists are, Jeannette was taken in and raised an orphan after her parents died trying to excorcise one of the 616, were she had trouble fitting in due to her abrasive personality and personal headstrongess. She lived at the orphanage until her heritage was discovered by the Isacariots and she was inducted into their order, were she has served as a hand ever since. Jeanette is a serious, headstrong and somehwat abrasive young woman, but a caring person at heart, even if she has a hard time showing it due to a secluded upbringing by her parents prior to their death teaching her to trust no-one. She is hihgly dedicated to her cause, however, and is willing to subdue her personal feelings for what she sees as the greater good.
    Motives and Details: Jeanette is part of an extremist orginization that supports the Angels in the war of three realms, and are agressive in their efforts to convert or remove others with power, including the Order of the Mourning Star. Jeanette is acting under orders to either bring the order to ally with the Isacariots - by force if neccecary - or to destroy them otherwise. So far she has spent much of her time trying to convert them to her cause, and has on occasion allied herself with the knights as well as been their enemy, and she sees their opposition as a tragedy.

    Series/Story: currently untitled
    Genre:[/b[ Hard Sci-fi futuristic super-hero...
    Antagonists: Colnol Richard Newgate (known aliases: the Burning Executioner, the Butcher of Venus, The Wicker-man, Millitary callsign salamander)
    Notable skills: professional soldier and registered governmental superhuman. Baseline abilities give strength and endurance far superiour to standard human and the ability to generate a vairety of flammabe/toxic gasses of differing compositions. Intense heat resistance. Standard abilities agumented by bespoke technology and steady supply of the super-steroid serapotim. Besides this, Newgate is a hihgly competant squad leader and tactician, and maintains an accuraccy recordeven with his new powers placing him second most distinguished sniper of the Dystate armed forces.
    Context: Newgate started as a soldier in the Dystate armed forces, and rose to distinction prior to obtaining his powers as a seargent, leading his squadron of troops to one of the tturning battles of the rebbellion after loosing contact with command. After this, Newgate was selected to be enhanced as a supersoldier by the army, as a reward. He has since then been further promoted to hold the rank of colnol, and has contined to excell as a soldier, developing a fearsome reputation.
    Motives and Details: Newgate is a patriot, and a servant of his nation. he tries to avoid bloodshed if possible, but he will try to execute his orders with the highest efficiency at all times. He trusts the leaders of the Dystate union, and that their goals are the best for the people.
  7. This is really my only fully fleshed out villain.

    Series/Story: Blood Iron

    Antagonist: Charles Decker AKA The Demon

    Notable Skills: Is a member of the diseased class which grants him 1.5x normal strength speed etc. Brilliant military commander and motivational speaker. Due to his significant training he is also a master at all five fields of magic. Ruthlessness is his middle name and he is an excellent propagandist.

    Context: He is a fallen hero of the magical world that is not part of the diseased class. He was a renowned anti-terrorism expert and created most of the processes to defeat the diseased terrorists, called Dark Bloods. After getting the disease himself by protecting non magical parliament from a bomb attack he was part of the hated class and stripped of all formal recognition and even his existence. He wandered hated by everyone where once before he was a hero. He met with his master in a cave and started his training. In a few years he took control of the Dark Blood organization and is now trying to supplant the current government with his people in power.

    Motives and Details: Simply put revenge. He was angry and he wanted to get back at the people that once hailed him as hero then suddenly branded him the villain. He considers the best revenge is to put the diseased class in an authoritarian power over the rest of the magical community.
  8. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    This is the one I've got figured out most. I've got two others I'm still working on, and I'm thinking of adding a few more if I can figure out the best place in the book to do it.

    I've got lots of villains from other works, but I'm trying to focus on this one.

    Series/Story: Cliffjumper/Qua Shun/Untitled
    Antagonist: Dholzi
    Story: Once a travelling teacher, Dholzi was eager for knowledge and sought out the Phoenix Stone, an item of great power which would unlock the memories of his past lives and give him the experience of living through history. Instead he unlocked seventeen lives of ignorance, abuse, slavery and ridicule. His great intellect had formed, lifetime after lifetime, as a conniving response to pain. The relative peace of his current life faded behind a madness which overtook him, as he began to dwell upon people long dead and wrongs forgotten centuries past. Now he is scarcely recognizable as the wise and charming teacher people once knew, and he's even adopted a new name - Dholzi - given to him by his first mother in his first lifetime, fifteen hundred years ago. He has been brought into the service of the would-be emperor, but it's unlikely that he is not up to his own schemes.
    Abilities: Extreme intellect, sadistic lunacy, hallucinations, tidbits of information unknown to any others.
  9. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    Most of my stories don't have actual antagonists. But here are a couple that do.

    Series/Story: The Songs of the Stars (Kori's story)
    Genre: Western/Fantasy
    Antagonist: Maya
    Notable Skills: Harpoon Gunner, Motorcyclist
    Context: Maya is part of a nomadic desert band, for all intents and purposes, she and her comrades are pirates on motorcycles. They are, however, a fully functioning society. Her band in particular is interested in kidnapping the children of travellers and raising them to be part of their society; it should be noted at this point that living in the desert of this world increases your likelihood of being infertile, so the only way for them to continue as a group is to raise other children. The protagonist, Kori, is one such traveller, who is transporting his dead lover's daughter across the desert to give her a better life.
    Motives & Details: Maya was raised into this society, presumably taken from her own parents, so one could say her motives are partially the result of her upbringing. This is simply how her world works, she kidnaps kids and raises them as her own. In regards to Kori in particular, she quite likes him and his spirit, particularly since they both share a sound defect (he's tone deaf, she's mute; in this world sound is magic, so they are both impaired magically), but she basically considers a child who enters the desert hers, so this man is trying to "steal her baby".

    Series/Story: White Moon
    Genre: Historical Fantasy
    Antagonist: Pope Urban V
    Notable Skills: communion with God, having a lot of sway over Europe
    Context: Pope Urban V is an actual Pope, historically. During his reign, there was a lot of war happening in Europe, particularly among the Italian city-states. The leaders of these city-states hired what were called "free companies", roaming bands of often quite skilled and professionally trained soldiers who had left their country's service and now worked for money, to do their fighting for them. Between battles, the mercenaries often caused a bit of chaos, being groups of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of soldiers with no money and little to do. So he excommunicated them and anyone aiding them, as you do. The problem is the fantasy twist, in which anyone who is excommunicated becomes a werewolf. And damn, there were a lot of these guys.
    Motives & Details: The whole werewolf thing was, as far as he was concerned, a bit of local legend. One rarely excommunicates people on quite as large a scale as Urban V was about to do, so anyone previously excommunicated either repented immediately, rejoining the Church before the full moon, went on a murderous rampage - utterly typical of a sinner, really - and their body was turned back into their human form when they were killed by the locals, or managed to keep it a secret their whole lives. Basically, he didn't honestly believe that people turned into werewolves when they were excommunicated. It wasn't until a couple of weeks after the fact, when few had repented and the full moon rose, that he realized that it was true. Even then, he assumed it was only the worst of them, their leaders, or even just only the free company mercenaries themselves who changed - it isn't until the climax that he realizes everyone, from their wives to their employers, who didn't repent were changed. He felt remorse, but had mostly put it out of mind since most of them had sought redemption and were hence no longer werewolves, but when the protagonist comes to him seeking revenge for it and tells him the full story, he basically accepts his fate and lets himself get bitten.

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