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Any good sites to find artists?

Discussion in 'Cover Design' started by Harbinger, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Harbinger

    Harbinger Troubadour

    I've began searching at deviant art and found some great artists but most are either way too expensive or too busy. I saved up about $300 for a cover don't know if thats enough or not but does anyone know any other good places to look?
  2. lawrence

    lawrence Troubadour


    I was gonna reply 'Deviant art', but you've already checked that out. Yes, I had problems trying to find a suitable artist who was both available for a commission and affordable. Very difficult. I ended up doing my own artwork, extremely time-consuming but within budget!

    I am available to do book cover artwork, but time does not allow for custom paintings and illustrations, I can only provide photo-manipulation/digital work. But maybe its of interest to you. Let me know your requirement and I can give you a costing and time-frame.

    my covers...



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