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Ardean Empire - religion

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Aldarion, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    (note: a combination of Christianity and Mithraism)

    Ardean religion – the Path – is a monotheistic religion of ancient origin. Its symbol is a point-up pentagram. God is seen as a Creator, but also a Father who specifically created humans and endowed them with a soul.

    Main points of contention are on the nature of God following Creation. Views are as follows:

    1. God is completely separate from physical reality (deism)

    2. God contains physical reality within himself but is mostly separate from it

    3. God permeates physical reality but also extends beyond it and contains it

    4. God permeates physical reality and is correspondent with it

    5. God became physical reality and is identical with it
    Most of these are consifered heresy by the Church. According to Church's teachings, God permeates the whole of existence, but also exists outside it. God is everywhere present and filling all things, and His energies maintain all of the Creation. God is supreme affect and effect of the existence. (note: Panentheism, that is, pan-entheism) Should He withdraw His presence, result would not be merely death, but rather a cessation of existence.

    God and his Creation are opposed to evil forces of Darkness/Chaos, led by the Adversary (Abaddon), which seek to undo the creation or else corrupt it. They seek to separate material world from spiritual, and specifically to separate humans from spiritual realm and direct them towards worldly pleasures.

    It is held that embodiement of God or else his son, Lucius, had been born from a stream of water originating from a rock. In temples, he is depicted as hunting down and slaying a dragon – a symbol of fire, or else shooting a bow at the rock to make water come out of it. Said temples are regularly underground, oftentimes nothing more than ordinary caves.

    Seven degrees of initiation into the Faith are Corax (raven), Nymphus (bridegroom), Miles (soldier), Leo (lion), Perses (Perseus), Heliodromus (sun-runner) and Pater (father).

    God's son, Lucius ("bringer of light"), had engaged the powers of darkness under Abaddon at the beginning of time. He triumphed and cast his adversaries into darkness, thus allowing humanity to to spread across the Earth. Even so, Abaddon's influence still remains, corrupting the world and people living in it. Lucius thus serves as a guide to souls on the Path to Paradise and salvation.

    At the end of time, Lucius will return, destroy Abaddon once and for all and kill all unbaptised. He will raise the dead and relegate the wicked to Hell.

    Initiates into religion are baptized by water to wash away their sins. This is done while they are blindfolded and kneelng, and is repeated for each of seven successive levels. However, killing a bull, washing in its blood and eating its meat also holds ritual symbolism of cleaning. Worshipping is done in caves.

    Following Lucius will provide strength in battle and in life. He is patron of soldiers and armies, and religion emphasizes brotherhood of man, stable government, courage and military virtues. Religion also denounces social injustice, leading to strong following among the poor.
  2. G0at0verL0rd

    G0at0verL0rd Acolyte

    So I’m just wondering are you just posting your religion or are you wanting help with it in someway.
  3. Aldarion

    Aldarion Inkling

    Posting and seeing if somebody notices inconsistencies and similar. Though I could use advice with possible heresies, religious discussions etc. - I am basing Ardea largely on Byzantine Empire, and they were famous for such stuff.

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