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Are there games that have Lords of Magic game mechanics?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Peregrine, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Peregrine

    Peregrine Troubadour

    In this Tolkien+D&D inspired game when you choose your alignment - Earth, Water, Chaos, Death etc.
    You control a small squad of warriors - kind of like a fellowship in Lord of the Rings.

    The game has pretty outdated graphics and it sucks by today's standards, not just because of graphics.
    But even though its a old game it has very interesting game mechanics that I haven't seen before
    (when combined altogether):

    - the ability to control a "fellowship" of warriors, mages and thieves, a company of "heroes"
    - like in WC3 the leader/hero can hold artifacts and items
    - has both campaign mode and battle mode, somewhat like Total War games, although battles are
    - raids on dungeons (but its not like MMORPG/Dragon Age raids, its more like dwarves wanting to reclaim Moria from the orcs and they exterminate every Orc in Moria along the way)
    - multi story dungeons
    - you manage buildings and resources, recruit units from buildings, gain resources from buildings, but the same time you can control a RPG-like "fellowship". WC3 has this game mechanic covered.
    - us vs. them gameplay - multiple teams and enemies.

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