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Around The Fire - The In-Character Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Dragon's Egg RPG' started by Sparkie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Keitsumah

    Keitsumah Inkling

    "Sure." I reply, nodding to Batos, who reluctantly gives Baldart the rabbit to skin and cook. His ice-blue eyes bore into mine, and for a second they looked almost human. A nervous laugh escapes me at the thought -he's smart, but he's still an animal.

    Batos then turned his head to Nissa, and again that odd shadow flickered behind him -this time closer to the fire. A tall man with pointed ears, whetting a crooked blade on a stone as he sat cross-legged.

    Just an animal . . . I reminded myself, carefully looking away lest I let these queer sightings get to me.

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