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As I near the end of my third year as a full-time writer...

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by kennyc, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. kennyc

    kennyc Inkling

    As I near the end of my third year as a full-time writer I invite you to enter my world. I’ve been a reader forever, particularly science fiction as I grew up and through my adolescence and early adult life. The wider world of literature opened to me somewhat late in my education as I was completing my engineering degree and had to fill in some English courses. The writing began with my job creating technology assessment reports for a major telecommunication company. From there I was drawn back to the science fiction I loved, took independent writing courses and joined a local writers group which focused on speculative fiction.

    I published a few short stories as a result, but life interfered and I spent most of my time just making a living and raising a family but always with the hope of getting back to the writing. After a failed attempt at writing full time — just couldn’t make it economically — I went back to the corporate slave world and vowed to write only what I felt like writing. That was poetry. I wrote a hell of a lot of bad poetry (but with a few shining stars) which fortunately was never published. I continued to learn and bide my time and strove to write and publish only the best things I could while I worked toward a future opportunity to write full time again which I fortunately was able to reach a few years ago. Since then I’ve published four poetry collections, a memoir of growing up in Oklahoma, and a collection of science essays. These are available at Amazon.com as ebooks (my preferred medium). I don’t currently plan to publish my work on paper, but as with all things that could change.

    Take a look at the books at my Amazon author page: Amazon.com: Kenny A. Chaffin: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
    My website: Kenny's Writing and Poetry Page and my blogs:
    Mansions of the Mind Mansions of the Mind
    and The Bleeding Edge The Bleeding Edge
    for more information and additional samples of my work.

    And please if you like what you see, support it. Buy a book or books. Support the arts!
  2. Fyle

    Fyle Inkling

    Will take a look when I get a chance!

    Good luck.
  3. kennyc

    kennyc Inkling


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