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    October can't get here fast enough! This game is going to be more epic than Origins.

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    Hello Reaver!

    So all of those rumors about a Greece setting were true. I am surprised to see that AC Odyssey takes place in a past even more distant than Origins, since certainly I did not expect Ubisoft to go all the way back to the Peloponnesian War. The game looks very similar to Origins in many aspects, and it sure seems great but...

    There is a great controversy between AC fans, regarding whether Odyssey is going to be a real Assassin's Creed game or not.

    In my very personal opinion, the only real Assassin's Creed is the first one. I do believe that taking the AC games to ancient Greece and Egypt has been a little extreme, but in order to be less of an extremist myself I want to provide my own personal list of characteristics that all AC games need so they can somehow be called AC:

    1- Climb a lot of tall buildings!
    2- Detailed cities to explore.
    3- Historically accurate recreation of those places from the past.
    4- Cool combat systems.
    5- Assassinations, with or without stealth elements.
    6- Leaps of Faith.
    7- Murder of innocent people.

    To me, if Odyssey completes those seven requirements then it's going to be an AC game no matter what. I hope that it's going to be very successful even though right now I have no interest on ever purchasing it, and also I hope that you are going to love it.

    See ya! =)

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