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Back again...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by EMoon, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. EMoon

    EMoon Dreamer

    Been gone from here and many other SF/F places for a few years, but I'm hoping to be around more in the future. What happened? Stuff. What stuff? You don't want to know...or, if you do, too bad. There's enough misery to go around without pulling a Marley's Ghost and detailing the chain of events one link at a time.

    Most recently a year of sabbatical...nothing on contract, no deadlines, that was *supposed* to be a chance to get all the medical and dental stuff done that hadn't been done since...let's not go back to that time. Life gets in the way of plans with amazing frequency. But here I am again, already diving into the forums, ready to reconnect with the world of SF/F. Well, I can say one thing that got in the way of things last year: another concussion. My third. And it's taken longer to recover from it than C-1 (in my 20s) or C-2 (in my 40s.) Getting a third concussion in one's early 70s is not recommended. Or any time, actually, but at my age it's hard to tell the cognitive blur of one for the cognitive blur of something far worse than getting bucked off a new horse onto one's head. So I'm just blaming the concussion for everything. And I have a new horse, a different new horse, a very nice horse, and have promised the friends who think I'm crazy in that way that I have no intention of coming off her involuntarily.

    I hope everyone else has had a productive and placid however long it's been since I was last here. There is a bit, just a teensy bit, of memory loss from that concussion. I had to reset my password.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Welcome back EMoon
    That does sound like quite a list.
    I had one serious concussion in my teens [30+ years ago] and I still notice the effects now and again.
    Well you know what the place is ;ike so I won't bore you with that.
    There are extra Spicy Fairy Wings on the menu now. And the Vegan Lasagne isn't bad either...

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