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Barony of Ilidachli

Discussion in 'Machiavel: Ambition' started by ade625, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. ade625

    ade625 Scribe

    Name: Serafim Cardei
    Barony of Ilidachli
    Age: 28
    Tenure: three years and four months
    Married to: Widowed
    Children: —
    Parents: Deceased
    Siblings: Cornell (brother, 25), Adrian (brother, 12), Adelina (sister, 12)
    Immediate Overlord: Marquis of Cantrescu
    Other Overlord(s): Count of Segehsvaru

    seneschal: Martin Nast
    exchequer minor: Martin Nast
    reeve: John Lazar
    ensign: Captain Gorie
    chamberlain: Matin Nast
    castellan: Sergeant Sabau
    other: Stitch, unknown

    Residence: Ilidach Keep

    Arms: A white tower

    Location: March of Cantrescu (south east border of empire)
    Labor Type: serfs

    Town: Ilidach
    improvements: sewers, marketplace, small church, warehouse, barracks
    Villages: none
    Hamlets: Willstock, Mellbury, Tarn

    Other Improvements: Stone quary

    Major Resources: clay, stone, livestock, timber, dairy
    Crafts: tile, carts, furnishing

    Major Vassals:

    Brief Description:
    [will fill in when I have more time]
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  2. Ravana

    Ravana Istar

    To All to Whom These Presents Come:

    Know that We are well pleased with our Baron Serafim Cardei, in consequence of which we bestow upon him a Grant of Arms. He may now bear as an augmentation a chain of silver links encircling his hereditary arms, without let or hindrance by any, as a sign of the esteem in which We hold him.

    By Our Hand and Will,
    Nikovar I Erchevold-Saxar, Emperor of Athringen, Tenth of the Line of Palagyr,
    in the XIII Year of Our Reign and the LXI Year of the Imperium

    [imperial signet affixed here]

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